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IDC’s new estimates on Apple wearables impress

Despite the impact that the global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus has had around the world, it seems that Apple can once again boast a fully functioning accessories and wearables division. According to IDC’s latest estimates, the company is expected to sell 21.2 million units worldwide in the first quarter of 2020 .

This accessories and wearables division includes AirPods and Apple Watch, as well as cases and keyboards for the rest of the devices. This is a growth of almost 60% with respect to the estimates for the first quarter of last year, translated into 13.3 million units sold in excess.

IDC’s new estimates on Apple wearables impress
IDC’s new estimates on Apple wearables impress

Behind Apple are Xiaomi and Samsung, with annual growth rates of 56.4% and 71.7% respectively. These are good figures, although they only have a 14% and 11.9% share of the global market while Apple has 29.3% of that market . Remember: we are talking about estimates from an analyst company and not official figures.

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However, these are optimistic figures, to which we can also add those of JP Morgan: the investment bank has raised the target price of Apple shares to $365 as it is confident that sales of the new iPhone SE and the next iPhone 12 will be good. Sales of the iPhone SE are expected to be attractive in markets such as India, and sales of the iPhone 12 are expected to be good worldwide due to the new range.

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