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iCoyote, one of the most complete traffic wizards for iOS catches up


As the years have passed and the mapping platforms of the large companies have improved, it has become clear that the simple “tomtom” function can be covered without spending money on a specific program or service. Google Maps, Siri and Apple Maps… are enough to make a simple route from point A to point B. That’s why dedicated services have to be much more complete to remain interesting. iCoyote can serve as an example.

iCoyote, one of the most complete traffic wizards for iOS catches up
iCoyote, one of the most complete traffic wizards for iOS catches up

This application had not been updated for a long time, but its managers have been working and have managed to bring it up to date with quite a few new features that will attract the attention of drivers. Their best asset: the use of a Waze-like system to send information in real time with the addition of a server that controls all that data.

With just a push of a button and wait, we can signal to the entire iCoyote driving community the presence of a radar or any other incident on the road.

With an interface designed to avoid distractions, iCoyote is able to report accidents, traffic jams ( even pointing out the direction of the affected lane ), construction sites or radars, which can be fixed or mobile. The driver can see at all times how many users close to his position are on the road, and three buttons on a lower bar make it very easy to point out radars to other users by differentiating the direction of traffic.

It is also worth noting that iCoyote is able to integrate with Google maps or Apple maps , depending on your preference (although the road data covers Europe). Siri is also integrated, including cars that have such compatibility with Apple’s standard wizard.

The icing on the cake is the power to control iTunes plays from the mobile itself and a system with which users can have their reputation in the community. The more you contribute and the more your data is confirmed, the higher your score. In parallel, iCoyote works with companies like RACC to have good data sources.

iCoyote 7 will be available tomorrow at 12 noon for everyone on the App Store. In previous versions of the application there was an annual fee, but now it is sufficient to pay the 1.79 euros fixed application fee. For that price, it can be a good option for those who, for whatever reason, have a good time on the road every day.

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