iCompta, a financial application for Mac

There are many people who like to keep their household accounts up to date, and they would like to be able to use an application to do so in a simple, easy way, without becoming overly complicated. iCompta is a financial application that goes beyond all this, and allows us in turn to record transfers, income, expenses, and even print reports and synchronize our data with the cloud.

There are many people who like to keep their accounts and finances up to date, both at home and at the bank, and that is why there is a wide range of financial applications for OS X. Today, we analyzeiCompta, an application that apart from being available for OS X we also find it for iOS, and that without a doubt is very comfortable to use thanks to the synchronization via iCloud.

Use of multiple separate accounts and statements

iCompta, a financial application for Mac
iCompta, a financial application for Mac

As I mentioned before, iCompta allows us to use and trade with several accounts simultaneously . This means that if you have (for example) one account for household expenses and another for savings, you can have them on screen at the same time, being able to make transfers and money transfers between them and to other accounts.

In addition to allowing us to enter the amount to be transferred and the date, it also allows us to comment on each of the movements and define their status , so that at any time we can know if the transfer has been completed, if it is pending, or if we should make it in the near future.

Payments and collections

Another feature that this type of application must have is to be able to record payments and collections . Both operations are entered in exactly the same way, except that when entering the economic amount we must (by pressing the corresponding arrow) indicate to the application whether it is an inflow of money (green) or an outflow (red).

In addition, we can indicate the date on which the operation should become effective and the currency used (with the possibility of applying conversion options between them).

During the whole process we will have the final balance available in the left column as well as in the upper part of the window, which without any doubt is really comfortable since we will not have to move around the whole succession of operations to have to consult it.

Adding people and loans

Suppose we go to the bar to have a drink with a friend, but it’s something unexpected and at that moment we don’t have our wallet with us, and we ask him to lend us some money.

Thanks to iCompta, we can easily open a file to our friend, where we will write down the debt to remember that we owe him a certain amount of money. Moreover, in case of something more complex such as a credit card deferment , indicating the interest and periodicity the application will also calculate the amount owed at the present time.

Budget control

Without a doubt, this is one of the facets of the application that I liked the most, since allows us to keep our monthly expenses under control at all times so that we do not exceed the established limit . I’m sure more than one compulsive shopper appreciates this option.

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Apart from deducting it from the fixed limit, the application will also show you how all these expenses are reflected in your bank account, without the need to enter them again manually.

Periodic operations

Something very interesting is also the option of being able to establish and program periodic operations , so that they are completely automated and that we don’t have the need to be pending. To do this, we only need to indicate the amount to move, and the destination account (in case it is external to us, we can open a new card to the recipient so we can write it down (although it won’t be necessary if we don’t want to).

Reports and summaries

Finally, the application will allow us to produce reports and financial summaries of our accounts, showing them in a bar chart, a pie chart, or a time evolution. This is certainly very useful if you have an account for investments in the stock market and can see the evolution of these over time.

Data acquisition from our bank account

Something that has surprised me a lot about this application, is the possibility of being able to access our online bank account through it, and allow all the data to be downloaded from there, automatically creating the initial data to start trading.

No doubt something that I haven’t found in other applications of the same type, and that can certainly become something really comfortable for many .

However, the guys at iCompta assure us that this is a secure connection and that at no time is our data accessible by third parties.

Synchronization between devices

In addition to everything I have told you, the application also allows you to sync with other iOS devices via iCloud, Dropbox, and even the local network . This way, we can have our accounts wherever we go and without having to carry files on a USB stick.



I find the application really useful if you’re going to make good use of it and really use it , but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who has few moves, as I could do the same with a simpler one. In other words, it is designed for people who can have a lot of movements.

One of the strong points of this application is the flexibility that it offers us when working with multiple accounts, since we can make all kinds of movements and even take into account their status. In addition, we can open a file for each person involved in them, being able to control at all times what debts and loans we have.

iCompta for Mac (14.99)>
iCompta for iOS (2.69)

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