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iCloud infrastructure manager leaves Apple

We all know that Apple is the most valuable company in the United States and that it will probably become the first firm to reach a billion dollars in stock market value within this country. So we understand that a job in this company has to be something that many people yearn for, but as we saw yesterday, the SVP of the apple left his position and today the main responsible for the iCloud infrastructure has followed his steps .

All of us who have any Apple product make use of iCloud constantly , it is always more convenient to upload it to the cloud than having to export items manually to a computer and so on. Even here the apple has a direct competition, Google Drive, but iCloud offers several advantages that its rival does not.

iCloud infrastructure manager leaves Apple
iCloud infrastructure manager leaves Apple

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It must be said that all this is just a report, that is, nothing has yet officially come out of Apple’s mouth, but this time the source from which it comes is very reliable. This worker from Cupertino’s company is called Eric Billingsley , who is the director of internet operations services. In the same news, the name of the person who will take over his position, Patrick Gates, appears.

There is no clear answer as to why people are leaving Apple lately , maybe they are being paid less than usual or they simply think that their time in the world’s most important apple is over, anyway, Bruce Sewell, former SVP of the Californian firm, made it clear that his time in the company had been an honour in life, so it may be due to different and diverse reasons why workers are considering leaving the brand.

Source : 9to5Mac