iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Mega, Box, ¿Cuál me Conviene?

Many cloud services, several differences, different capacities

The other day we were talking about the limitations of smartphones in terms of storage. No one really gave us the promised 16GB capacity , having to settle for less GB to store data, photos, videos and whatever we wanted. Luckily, since a few years ago, several companies offer external storage in the “cloud”.

Cloud storage, although invented a long time ago, reached users only a few years ago. Since then this network-based storage with virtual spaces have been replicated and we can now have many GB for free if we combine all the existing companies .

iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Mega, Box, ¿Cuál me Conviene?
iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Mega, Box, ¿Cuál me Conviene?

However, neither all give the same service, nor the same space, nor have the same security . Therefore, we want to unravel this “war” of cloud storage services and introduce you to some of the most important ones.


It wasn’t the first, but if you’re reading this, it’s probably one of the most familiar. It is the Apple cloud storage service . However, it is not a normal storage space, but mainly serves to allow a full synchronization between our Apple computers . Backups, user data, passwords, credit cards or photos, everything you have on your iPad or iPhone, up to 5GB free, has a place in your iCloud account, which in addition to being free, is linked to our Apple ID.


If Apple had its cloud storage service, Microsoft would be no less. Unlike iCloud, with the online service of the Redmond people, we will have 7GB free to save all kinds of files . However, it’s especially useful if you use a device with a Windows Phone, the Office suite or Hotmail or Outlook mail service. Since a few days we know that it will soon be called OneDrive and if you take advantage of some offers from Microsoft, you can get up to 200GB free.

Google Drive

The third member of the technology power group also has its online storage service. How could they not? If we have a Google account, whether it’s for Gmail, YouTube or Google+, we’ll have up to 15GB free to store everything we want. One of its strengths is that using the integrated application, Google Docs, we can write text documents, spreadsheets or shared presentations. This means that two people, one from each end of the world, can open, modify or write to a joint file.


It is probably one of the best known , despite being the one that offers less free space, only 2GB . However, it is quite easy to increase this space by making some tips recommended by them. Also, Samsung offers 48GB free if you buy one of their smartphones. This service is probably the king because of its simplicity, its integrated file viewer and its security, which could have been compromised a few weeks ago but nothing is confirmed. If you don’t want to make your life too complicated, maybe this is your best choice.


Despite all the problems that Kit Dotcom, founder of Mega and formerly Megaupload, has had with justice is a true genius of online storage services. Some time ago he launched Mega, a new platform that seemed not to compromise any law in any country, although that remains to be seen. This platform, besides serving to download shared files, also serves to save our files getting up to 50GB for free .


Despite being one of the most unknown, its multiple options for communicating and working among various collaborators makes this cloud storage one of the best for businesses. Its 10GB sounds very attractive, but it has a limitation for free accounts, we can only upload files of less than 250Mb .


If you have been using this service for a long time, since BitCasa promise infinite storage . If you’re new, you’ll get 10GB free with pre-loading file encryption, image viewer, music and video player, etc. However, if you have something negative it is your PC desktop version, the opposite of mobile applications.

Amazon Cloud Drive

The giant of Internet commerce also has its own service. With its 5GB of free storage space, we have almost 2000 photos , which is not insignificant. It also serves to save any other type of file through its multiple applications for iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Windows, Mac, whatever you need. If you need more space you can hire from 20GB for only 8 ? a year to 1TB for 400 ? a year. In addition, they offer you the possibility of using their Amazon Cloud Player streaming music service for free.

Cloud storage is a great option for mobility

As you can see, storage problems do not currently exist if you do not mind depending on an Internet connection to consult, upload or edit your files . By combining a couple of accounts in these services we can obtain almost 30GB of capacity without investing a single euro in the process, which is very good if you have an iPad or iPhone, whose memory extensions are quite expensive, as they involve changing the device for one with a larger capacity.

However, one of the main disadvantages for many, the need for Internet connection, can be a major advantage for others. Being able to work from anywhere, having the necessary files and being able to edit them from your device, send them or save them in a corporate account are good proof that Internet has changed the way we live, relate and also work .

Each application has a well-defined audience because of its strengths. Therefore, depending on the use you are going to give it and the space you need, you can choose between one or the other. Also, as you have seen, not all prices are the same , so we hope we have helped you with this little comparison.

Do you use any other service to store your files, or do you prefer to carry a pendrive or hard drive?

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