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iChat will no longer be supported on May 17th

Fin del soporte a iChat

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iChat will no longer be supported on May 17th
iChat will no longer be supported on May 17th

Apple continues to close down older services to focus only on the latest technologies . Something similar was already happening with iOS 6 users who had trouble making FaceTime calls, or first-generation Apple TV users who couldn’t connect to the iTunes Store.

Today we learned that the Californian company will end iChat’s AIM account login support on May 17th for those users with a version less than 10.7.2 of OS X Lion. For users in the United States, this support will end on June 30th, but in Spain it will happen a little earlier – so that we can say that Apple does not give us exclusivity to the Spanish.

So all those who used the instant messaging service through or accounts will have to find another service , because Apple closes its doors to these old accounts.

Apple recommends that we upgrade our Macs to OS X Mavericks or OS X Lion to ensure the experience through the Messages application with iCloud accounts . However, for those whose Macs cannot be upgraded, we suggest that we make a new AIM account via the AOL page.

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