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Icebreaker and Tiny Thief the first two proposals of Rovio Stars approve with note

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Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage and Tiny Thief , the first launched at the end of last month and the second just a few hours ago, are now part of the new classics with a place assured on the podium of the games for iOS . Two very different titles with something in common: both have been published in the App Store by the creators of Angry Birds under their new label Rovio Stars, aimed at promoting those games that share their fun and easygoing style.

Take a look at their trailers and tell me you don’t want to play them anymore…

Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage

Icebreaker and Tiny Thief the first two proposals of Rovio Stars approve with note
Icebreaker and Tiny Thief the first two proposals of Rovio Stars approve with note

Before coming to iOS, these Vikings had already been played more than 100 million times in their flash browser version, so Rovio was confident that Nitrome, the London studio responsible for the game, would be able to provide hours and hours of fun through a mechanic similar to Cut the Rope only in a slightly more Nordic setting.

The new expanded, enhanced, and optimized version of Icebreaker is exclusive to iOS and features 95 levels distributed in three different environments filled with Vikings, trolls, and death traps. Our goal, to cut the ice blocks where our poor Vikings have been trapped, and to make sure they end up safe and sound in their drakkar, the Viking boat that will bring them back home.

In short, an entertaining puzzle game with retro graphics for 0.89 euros, a very tight price especially if we consider the hours and more hours that will wait in front of it.

Tiny Thief

The second game of Rovio Stars is Tiny Thief , a beautiful adventure point & click developed in Barcelona by the boys of 5ants in which we ordered a small thief (quiet, it is of those who only steal from the bad guys). As in Icebreakers, this is basically a puzzle game in which advancing is simple but getting the three stars requires some meditation.

The difference is that here we don’t find the typical physics-based puzzles but an adventure of colorful interactive scenarios full of details and a refreshing sense of humor with crazy characters that we will have to steal. Pirates, dragons, corrupt sheriffs and even a giant robot complete a picture that will test your patience, cunning and observation skills.

Tiny Thief is available for both iOS and Android and although its price, 2.69 euros, is enough to stop an impulse purchase, it is worth remembering not only that it is a delicious piece of digital art, but that it is a universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that does not resort to blissful in-game shopping to try to get our hands on the prize.


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