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iBooks para OS X Mavericks

Características de OS X Mavericks

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iBooks para OS X MavericksiBooks para OS X Mavericks

OS X Mavericks is probably the most advanced and stable operating system at the moment. That’s why in Applesupportphonenumber we want to dedicate special attention to it, launching a series of articles in which we show how to make the most of Apple’s new operating system. Today we are going to see iBooks, which is a new OS X release but already existed in iOS.

One of the things I appreciate most about the iPad is the ease of reading a book, thanks to iBooks and iBooks Store . Of course, having a catalogue of more than 1.8 million books is spectacular. And while we’ve been able to enjoy iBooks on iOS, now we can enjoy them on the Mac, too.

With iBooks for OS X Mavericks, everything is still as easy as on the iPad or iPhone. You turn pages like a physical book, slide, pinch, and leave your bookmark. You can tell that Apple is working hard to ensure that its ecosystem is present on all its devices.

iBooks in iCloud

When you buy books on a Mac from the iBooks Store, they download to your iPad just like they do to your iPhone. And the magic of iCloud is in iBooks for OS X. Your books, bookmarks, and notes sync seamlessly and instantly between all the devices where your account is registered. iCloud even remembers what page you’re on.

Study with iBooks

If you are studying for an exam or doing a job and have to consult iBooks makes it easy for you. In iBooks you can take notes, add bookmarks, highlight, and interact with the dynamic elements of the book. In addition, iBooks allows you to have several books open at the same time and switch from one to another to consult everything you need.

iBooks Store

The iBooks shop is a real wonder, as we said before we can find more than 1.8 million books . From best-sellers to classics, all in the same virtual shop and at a much lower price than in physical format. As it is a virtual shop we will also be able to see fragments of the book, comments from other people and opinions about it.

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