IBM’s purchases, Tim Cook’s security and Force Touch concepts

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IBM’s purchases, Tim Cook’s security and Force Touch concepts
IBM’s purchases, Tim Cook’s security and Force Touch concepts


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With all the news that Apple has brought us this spring we are having a quite entertaining summer based on analysis and news about the Apple Watch and Apple Music. And now that we are starting to have concrete dates for an upcoming keynote, the rumors are going to be more. But for now let’s relax with a bunch of interesting links from our list One More Thing :

  • We start with iPaderos, where they tell us how IBM is going to “convert” their employees with the purchase of 200,000 Macs. Nothing like doing business with them to get discounts on these big purchases, I guess.
  • What would it be like to have Force Touch on the iPhone? A video concept taught to us by Applesencia gives us an idea of what we could have.
  • Tim Cook is not a person who lives ostentatiously, but Apple has to spend $700,000 a year on his security. They tell us about it from Discover Apple.
  • In iOSMac they echo the latest update of Google Maps, which includes a night mode in case we are consulting the steps of a route at night.
  • Yes, the Apple Watch can be used as a pendant or a pocket watch. In Actualidad Watch they explain how.
  • The same people in charge of PacMac admit that this is not very ethical, but in an article they explain how to call someone who has blocked our number.
  • We end with a Hypertext guide, where they explain what you lose and what you gain when you jump from Spotify to Apple Music.

And here is the list of today’s links. Remember that you have at your disposal our contact form for when you find news that you find interesting, which we will take into consideration to highlight them in the next issue of our One More Thing Thank you very much to everyone and see you next week!

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