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IBM claims to improve employee performance

More than five years ago, Apple made an alliance with IBM to promote their devices in the company, and we already saw how the effort paid off. Now IBM has released a report that I’m sure you’ll like in Cupertino, which states that IBM employees who have used Macs are more productive and even happier .

Yes, that happiness has even been measured. 22% of employees machinists were more likely to exceed expectations in performance evaluations than Windows users. In addition, 16% of Mac users made business deals with more benefits to the company than Windows users.

IBM claims to improve employee performance
IBM claims to improve employee performance

Seventeen percent of IBM employees who used Macs were less likely to leave the company, and only five percent of those same users requested additional software on their Macs compared to 11 percent of Windows users who did the same. In other words, the software distributed on Macs better met the needs of employees.

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The study was carried out with a fleet of employees using 200,000 computers, whose maintenance could be covered by only seven engineers . The same number of computers with Windows required a team of twenty people. Windows users were also five times more likely to require technical support than Apple users, so the conclusion is clear: Apple computers need less maintenance.

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