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IBM and Apple return to work with ten new business apps

The relationship between Apple and IBM continues to bear fruit within the program MobileFirst for iOS , aimed at enhancing mobile devices on the block in professional environments . Today, the tandem has added ten new apps that cover areas as diverse as travel planning or incident and risk management in industrial plants.

With the addition of Shift Track, Shift Sync, Travel Plan, Travel Track, Loan Advise, Loan Track, Expert Resolve, Asset Inspect, Field Inspect, and Safe Site, we now have a total of 32 enterprise solutions created by IBM exclusively for the iPhone and iPad that leverage the full potential of big data and analysis tools, areas in which the blue giant has built an unquestionable reputation.


IBM and Apple return to work with ten new business apps
IBM and Apple return to work with ten new business apps

Shift Track for Managers (Universal) allows you to visualize the schedules and shifts of a company’s staff in a more intuitive and powerful way, helping managers to know who is working at any given time, manage vacation and sick leave requests, and reorganize shifts for greater efficiency.

Shift Sync for Employees (iPhone and Apple Watch) is the other side of the app above, and focuses on the needs of employees so they can view their shift calendars, accept or reject changes, submit vacation requests…

Travel Plan for Business Travelers (Universal) offers a simple, intuitive and integrated travel planning experience. By analyzing events on our calendar, the app can suggest potential trips, recognize frequent destinations and make recommendations based on our preferences, travel history and company policies. Travel Plan also incorporates a travel approval system and facilitates visa management.

Travel Track for Business Travelers (iPhone and Apple Watch) gives a twist to business travel by integrating everything from flight itineraries to local recommendations into a single app that detects and connects everyone in your group based on your calendars and reservations. The app has several collaborative features through which to share our trip status, purchase notes on hotels, car rental agencies and other local services; and also offers push notifications based on our location and time with billing reminders and flight delay alerts.

Banking and financial markets

Loan Advise for Mortgage Brokers (Universal) assists in making product recommendations to customers more efficiently by collecting product information in real time, scanning documents with the iPad’s integrated camera or allowing them to digitally sign documents from the application.

Loan Track for Mortgage Brokers (Universal) focuses on the processing of loans with a summary of those in process and the tasks required to complete the applications. The app also allows agents to keep borrowers informed with instant updates on the status of their application either via email, message or SMS.


IBM MobileFirst for iOS

Expert Resolve for Home Technicians (Universal) helps you to diagnose and resolve customer issues quickly by providing access to relevant case history and common device issues. The app suggests possible solutions based on similar scenarios and uses predictive analysis to highlight potential problems.

Energy and services

Asset Inspect for Field Technicians (Universal) enables faster, more efficient and safer inspections and maintenance of installations. The app uses predictive analysis to provide technicians with the most likely scenarios while putting manuals, specifications and histories at their fingertips. Using FaceTime, Asset Inspect also facilitates collaboration with other experts, and sound recording makes operational analysis of the equipment possible.

Public institutions

Field Inspect for Inspectors (Universal) is a tool designed to provide all the information needed in an inspection, no matter how long it takes, and to channel the results to the relevant agency saving mountains of paperwork and hours of hand-written forms.

Industrial products

Safe Site for Foremen (Universal) puts the safety of workers first by allowing instantaneous marking, documentation and sharing of hazardous conditions. Thanks to the app, it is possible to respond quickly to all kinds of situations in industrial environments and to alert workers who are nearby. In addition, through iBeacon technology, foremen are alerted when they are in the vicinity of an identified hazard and predictive analysis suggests the best courses of action in each case.

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