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Iberia Changes the Paper for the iPad in the Cabins of its Airplanes

Iberia would seek to save fuel by replacing the weight of paper with the lightness of Apple’s iPad

The iPad is reaching more and more corners of our society. The skies are a terrain that the Apple tablet has conquered long ago, however, the news we bring you today is curious because of two terms that a priori do not fit well: “iPad” and “cheapen costs”. Indeed, Iberia is looking to reduce costs by introducing the iPad in their planes , but how will they do it?

It seems that Iberia has enabled its pilots to use the iPad in the cockpits of their planes, which have been renamed ” electronic flight wallet “. Previously, all the documentation that pilots needed during the flight had to consult in heavy paper manuals , now it is hoped that the iPad will be able to replace this.

Iberia Changes the Paper for the iPad in the Cabins of its Airplanes
Iberia Changes the Paper for the iPad in the Cabins of its Airplanes

To get an idea of how heavy these technical manuals could be, Iberia estimates that they will be able to reduce an average of 60 kilos per flight when they replace them with the iPad . Is this manoeuvre profitable? Very much so if we consider the calculations made by the company: the introduction of the iPad would mean a saving of close to 150,000 euros per year just counting the short and medium distance fleet.

It seems that the iPad would incorporate a series of applications that would allow pilots to consult various data both before and during the flight on the cartography, the manuals of the plane or the different calculations needed for takeoff, cruise and landing manoeuvres. Of course, we must also take into account that concentrating all this information in a device as intuitive as the iPad, will make the task easier for the pilots.

Pilots will be able to consult data such as cartography, airplane manuals or different important calculations for flights on the iPad

For the moment, Iberia has only equipped one of its Airbus A321 with the technology that allows the use of two iPads , one for the commander and one for the co-pilot. It is hoped that the tablets will gradually be made available to the rest of the airline’s fleet.

In addition, as commented in the ABC, more than 100 pilots have already received theoretical training on how to use all the functions offered by the iPad, so it only remains for Iberia to receive the approval of the authorities to start using this technology in its flights.

How far will the iPad go?

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