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iBeacon implemented in Apple stores

The recent arrival of iOS 7, has brought a variety of new features to our devices. One of the big advances is: iBeacons, a location-based technology that can have a big impact on retail sales strategy in the future. It’s a big step, and one Apple will see in its own stores first.

iBeacons , a location-based technology system that will change the way retailers sell. Many of you may wonder what this technology is all about.

iBeacon implemented in Apple stores
iBeacon implemented in Apple stores

Imagine for a moment that you walk into an Apple Retail Store and you’re standing in front of those speakers you’ve been longing for. While you’re checking its sound quality, you notice how your iPhone vibrates, and suddenly you get a notification from the Apple Store application informing you about the product in front of you , with the option of calling a specialist to inform you and even find out what price it has, its features, additional information, etc.

For Apple’s flagship devices, such as the MacBook and iPad, the system may allow the customer to receive a notification to inform about the next workshop session related to their product . For example, if a user logs into an iPad, they would receive an alert on their iPhone to notify them of the next iLife workshop for iOS.

In the coming weeks, this new technology will already be in operation, for the time being in the United States , with Apple’s strategic vision that it will be a powerful sales accelerator , which in parallel, will help to significantly improve the customer experience.

Because this technology is based on the latest version of Apple’s software and hardware , users must have devices running iOS 7 that support Bluetooth 4.0 . Clearly, users may choose not to receive these types of alerts if they do not wish to.

In addition to the above utilities, other sources say that Apple is testing iBeacons for other uses , such as being used to locate customers waiting for their appointment with the Genius Bar, display ads for nearby products, and even to purchase products on site through the Apple Store application, adding great improvements in terms of payment security.

Earlier this year, Tim Cook organized a big meeting with the leaders responsible for the Apple Stores with the aim of announcing solutions to dramatically increase iPhone sales in their stores. As part of this, a previous update of the Apple Store application for iPhone with the ability to offer customers paid applications for free. The next iBeacons service that Apple will test, probably will further improve the shopping experience at Apple Stores .