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iBallz, curious protection for the iPad and iPad 2


Or we could do what they do in science experiments to protect an egg from a 15-foot fall, use our heads and try alternative, lighter routes. If we’re talking about the iPad or the iPad 2, it seems like the logical path would come first, right? The product we’re going to talk about today tries to solve the problem by doing the opposite. iBallz consists of four balls connected by an extendable cord to ensure that the balls will not move, which are placed in the corners of the iPad or iPad 2 . The material of the balls is capable of absorbing the impacts and not transmitting all the force of shock to the iPad, thus protecting our investment. Basically, if we are going to leave it to a small child, the heavier the device the greater the chances of it falling, so if we think twice the idea may not be so far-fetched.

iBallz, curious protection for the iPad and iPad 2iBallz, curious protection for the iPad and iPad 2

The iBallz is available in two sizes, and a number of complementary accessories are also available, such as closed or semi-closed, rigid or semi-rigid covers. The price of the iBallz is $19.95 and I don’t know whether to buy one to try it out, and to use it both for a future iPad and to put it in the AR.Drone landing gear. At least they are able to take their own product with a sense of humor, as you can see in the video after the jump.

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