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iAd and the iTunes Community

¿Crees que iRadio está bien planteado o seguirá quedando detrás de Spotify y similares? La pregunta de la semana

We are already less than a week away from WWDC 2013, and the rumor is boiling around what we might see. One of the likely developments, depending on how the negotiations with the music industry go, is Apple’s long-awaited response to the streaming music business called iRadio . We don’t even know what the streaming model Apple wants to offer us is going to be like, but it has to be ambitious if they have their sights set on Spotify.

iAd and the iTunes Community
iAd and the iTunes Community

Apparently, and always bearing in mind that it cannot be the definitive and true thing, Apple wants to focus its service more on Pandora’s model: a ‘radio’ that plays us songs in streaming and that gives us the option of buying those songs that we like. We could monetize with ads between the songs , or even with graphic ads in the application interface.

It doesn’t take much thought to see what Apple could solve this with… iAd . The company’s official advertising service has a client base (just look at the ads that appear in some free applications and games), but before we launch we should look at Apple’s advertising history.

Apple has never dared to advertise its services at the level that is spoken of for iRadio . It has iAd, but statistics indicate that iOS users prefer to pay before spoiling the iOS user experience with advertising. That’s why iAd isn’t exactly the most acclaimed service to promote you, but another rooster can crow with audio ads inside iRadio.

These ads could be a quantum leap for iAd, as advertisers would see the community of half a billion iTunes users instantly become a marketplace for potential customers . And with the exclusivity that Apple would implement, the benefits would soon appear. It is only necessary to see that, curiously, Apple patents are appearing like this one that wants to pay users to watch ads.

What is not so clear to me is the graphic ads , the so-called banners . Apple has patents for introducing advertising into OS X itself, but it has never been used. Steve Jobs said it very clearly: Apple does not want its user interfaces to be invaded by ads, and I personally tremble when I imagine banners in the iTunes window or in the iOS music player. Will it break with the Tim Cook tradition?

It all depends on how the negotiations go. If Tim wants, maybe we’ll watch iRadio next Monday. If not, it’s probably autumn and a new iPhone to push it better. It could be a great opportunity for iAd, but at the same time it will be a risky move in a world where more and more people want to pay a monthly fee and not worry about their music library at all.

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