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iA Writer, back to the essence of writing

There are many applications with which we can write texts. From the app Notes, to Pages, through Word or even the WordPress editor. All apps have their strengths and room for improvement, but there is one that stands out from all the others: iA Writer

Simplicity, the best of iA Writer

The first thing to note is that iA Writer is a writing tool for some specific needs . It is focused on producing flat text with a light format. It is ideal, for example, for writing in an internet medium or blog. It is also very useful for texts such as scripts, a book or for keeping a personal diary.

iA Writer, back to the essence of writing
iA Writer, back to the essence of writing

If we are looking for a tool to add many images, put footers on them, play with illustrations, sizes, or colors we should focus on tools like Pages.

In iA Writer the simplicity and cleanliness of the design of the interface is combined with the reduced number of options to wander around to create an easy to use and visually very clean app.

Three concepts: Archives, writing and post-production

iA Writer has, conceptually, three parts : the one related to the organization of our files, the one related to writing and the one that we can call writing post-production.

In the first place we find the handling of the files. The app stores all our writings in an iCloud folder , although we can decide to use other services like Dropbox, for example, or a local folder. Within the app folder we create as many subfolders as we want to keep all of our output tidy.

Within this organization we can use
iA Writer

iA Writer has apps for Mac, iPhone and iPad, why I don’t even mention them? Because apart from being simply identical in operation (Split View, multitasking, dark mode, etc.) and practically in design, in all operating systems the app disappears completely . It becomes a simple canvas, you and the text.

We can purchase iA Writer for Mac ($32.99) from the Mac App Store and for iPhone or iPad ($9.99) from the App Store.

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