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I won’t adapt iTunes to Windows 8 for a long time

The war between Apple and Microsoft has been known since time immemorial, although lately it seemed that these two companies had made peace, even collaborating together on several occasions. That truce seems to be about to be broken, as Apple does not want to adapt its iTunes to Windows 8’s metro interface. Here are some reasons.

Everyone who has or has had contact with an Apple device knows what iTunes is, but just in case you’re one of those little people who doesn’t know about it, I’ll tell you that iTunes is the music-applications-to-book-podcast player… that is, it’s Apple’s all-in-one when it comes to multimedia. I won’t go into whether it’s the best program or not, since colors are for likes, but I do have to say that it’s one of the most important programs in this aspect.

I won’t adapt iTunes to Windows 8 for a long time
I won’t adapt iTunes to Windows 8 for a long time

Of course, by changing sides on technology, you’ll know what Windows 8 is, but just in case you haven’t used a computer in your life, or have opted since the beginning for an alternative operating system like Linux, I will tell you that Windows is the Microsoft operating system , installed on almost all personal computers, and 8 refers to the latest version to come out of this operating system.

Now that you’re on record, let’s go with the news itself. It seems that the war between Apple and Microsoft is on the rise again , after a long time without knowing anything about it. Why is that? Because the company in the window has asked the company with the bitten apple to make a Modern UI version of iTunes) that is, the interface shown by the latest Microsoft operating systems, both desktop and mobile devices. However, Apple has refused to do so . Why?

Well, the reasons are not clear, but I have two very clear reasons , although they are mine and I don’t know if these are the real reasons. One of them is that recently Microsoft said that they wouldn’t bring Office to the iPad, and Bill Gates himself used that reason to say that people are not happy with the iPad because they don’t have it on their devices. And I understand that being rival companies they keep some cards up their sleeves, but if you do that don’t expect your rival not to do the same .

The other reason that would make sense is that we all know what Apple is like with its stuff , whether it’s software or hardware . We know that Cupertino’s people don’t like to be told how to do things, because they are capable enough to tell the market how things should be (note the irony). The fact that a rival company tells them how they should make a program to fit something that is not their property, I imagine it must sound very bad to them.

The fact is that there we have the war served again: Microsoft against Apple. Who will take the cat out of the bag? Who’ll give his arm to twist? And of course When will they realize that these things only harm the users? What do you think?

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