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I traded my iPhone 7 Plus for the Samsung Galaxy S8+ one weekend

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is Samsung’s big bet this year to dethrone the iPhone 7 Plus . . Before we start I want to clarify something. This change of phones only takes place during one weekend because this is the time this editor has to test it, however there are some interesting differences between both terminals that we will comment below.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs iPhone 7 Plus

The first thing I want to do is clarify what many are thinking, this Samsung Galaxy S8+ does not explode. The last great Samsung device exploded (twice) but Koreans have spent a lot of time, effort and money to leave behind the difficulties of the past.

I traded my iPhone 7 Plus for the Samsung Galaxy S8+ one weekend
I traded my iPhone 7 Plus for the Samsung Galaxy S8+ one weekend

Design between Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs iPhone 7 Plus

The Galaxy S8+ is the best phone ever made by Samsung. The design is amazing, stylish and unique. The “infinite screen” effect created by Samsung is the great asset against the iPhone 7 Plus. While a device has 5.5 inches, the Korean terminal has an incredible 6.2 inches but the feel in hand is almost similar, even smaller the Samsung terminal than Apple’s .

The feeling of both is one of elegance, but when you have a screen like Samsung’s it’s hard to go back to one like the iPhone’s. In this aspect I want to stop for a moment in the famous screen proportions introduced by the Galaxy S8+. I like the 18.5:9 , especially when I see content in that aspect. However I am very frustrated not to see some adapted external applications . It’s a matter of time but it’s frustrating.

Design is not everything

If there is one thing Apple controls perfectly, it is the relationship between hardware and software . Samsung improved significantly in the software area but is still lagging behind. The Home “button” introduced on the screen is the same as the famous 3D Touch on the iPhone 7 Plus. I don’t know how to explain in words my feelings with this button, but I can say that Apple’s button is better adapted, as a matter of “feeling” .

Samsung Galaxy S8+ and iPhone 7 Plus rear

The S8+’s performance is smooth, fast, you won’t have any problems, but those internet performance tests are determined to give the iPhone 7 Plus a winning edge in this regard. It’s not Samsung’s problem in particular, if we look at the rest of the competition’s phones, almost everyone is behind the Galaxy S8+, except for the Apple terminal. The 6-month-old iPhone 7 Plus is as fast (or faster) than its more powerful competitor in Android.

To be able to compete against the iPhone 7 Plus you need to have initiative, I think Samsung has included some important new features that will help you choose between this phone and no other. Bluetooth 5.0, Bixby (although it’s still very very green), wireless charging, iris reader ,…

They all contribute even if none of them stands out significantly. Apple and Samsung are experts in these details that ultimately impact the quality (and price) of their products.

The price is not the least

These terminals are expensive, we are facing the most expensive devices on the market but their prices are worth it. Whether it’s for design, performance, software, etc. or simply for those differential details, both the iPhone 7 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S8+ are the two great terminals so far. They are not perfect but they are the best .

The iPhone 7 Plus has a design that penalizes it in terms of dimensions, more so since the design is very similar to its predecessors . However, Samsung has in my opinion two major flaws. The unlock button located at the back is a hindrance, it stains the back camera because it’s not easy to place your finger on the sensor, it’s located too high, seriously why did they put the sensor there? , I don’t understand.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Fingerprint Reader

The other big flaw in my view is the camera. I want to explain myself well at this point. The photos and videos with the Samsung Galaxy S8+ are incredible, this is one of the best cameras of the year but it is practically the same as its predecessor. If the iPhone 7 Plus is criticized for a similar design to its predecessors , the Samsung Galaxy S8+ must also be criticized for the camera (as good as this one is).

The way I see it, high-end phones have three fields to renew each year. Performance, software and camera . Samsung is very compliant with the first two sections, but not with the camera. Koreans are coming up from a top three level in 2016 with the S7 edge, but seeing that there is still a lot of competition to come to the market, I doubt that Samsung will be able to boast of the S8+ camera by the end of the year. There are improvements, yes, but not enough for a phone whose cost is close to 1000 euros .

In short, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ has several strengths (design, screen, wireless charging, iris reader …) like the iPhone 7 Plus (performance, dual camera, Touch ID technology, dual speakers, etc.) but there are also quite important negative sections, however these do not end up tarnishing an excellent terminal that rivals you against the iPhone 7 Plus .

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