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I never quite fit in with Apple

After Phil Schiller’s statements in AllThingsD, today we bring you an interview that the former senior vice president of the Apple Store, John Browett, gave to the English newspaper Independent, where he talks about how good he felt working at Apple and what a good company it is, but that it never fit with his way of working, so he had to leave.

John Browett was the last senior vice president of Apple’s physical stores, division that Tim Cook is currently leading until they find a replacement to match . If you remember, he was fired from the Californian company with Scott Forstall four months ago.

I never quite fit in with Apple
I never quite fit in with Apple

During his nine months in office, he made some changes that Tim Cook didn’t like at all and that clashed with Apple’s philosophy, so they put him on the street. Just today the English newspaper Independent published an interview in which we can highlight that Browett claims that never fit in with Apple . Even so he still thinks that Apple is a fantastic company and that he loved working there , but his work at Cupertino came to an end.

Another of the reasons for his departure was that he greatly increased the working hours of Apple Store employees, in addition to being harshly criticized for generating an unfriendly working environment, which broke with the spirit of work at Apple .

We’ll see how Apple gets another executive for this delicate position, which is dealing directly with the customer, and where Apple had a privileged position with respect to the competition , and that if they do not get to act on time, Browett would most likely have been killed.

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