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I got an iPhone, now what?

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Algo fundamental que deberemos hacer es dedicarle a unos minutos a la gestión de las notificaciones , ya que podremos elegir qué aplicaciones y cómo nos enviarán sus notificaciones. Puede parecer una nimiedad, pero se trata de un trámite que nos hará el uso del teléfono bastante más cómodo.

I got an iPhone, now what?
I got an iPhone, now what?

Si te han regalado un iPhone estas navidades y esperas más consejos para empezar a usarlo, estate pendiente estos días, porque dentro de muy poco volveremos con más trucos para empezar con tu nuevo iPhone.

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Yes, it’s been a couple of weeks since Christmas, but more than one of you will have found an iPhone among your gifts and, without having gone through Cupertino’s system beforehand, the arrival at iOS can be a headache . At Applesupportphonenumber we know this quite well, so today we bring you a little guide to get you started with your new iPhone.

If you’ve never used an iPhone before, the thing you’ll notice most is that you’ll need to have your SIM card inserted in order to set it up, no matter how much your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Once we have inserted it, we will have to create a new Apple ID in case we don’t have it, something more than logical if we haven’t had any other Cupertino’s terminal before.

Once we’ve finished with all the configuration, it’s time to get used to the operating system . iOS is not for everyone, as some people are not exactly comfortable without the box of applications. However, with a couple of days we’ll be fully accustomed to Apple’s iconic interface, so there won’t be too many problems.

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