I came, six seconds of video that will give a lot to talk

Last week, Twitter launched Vine, a new service that allows you to record and share videos with the particularity of always having a duration of six seconds, then being able to publish them directly on the microblogging network.

For some a way to compete with Tumblr and its animated gifs (Tumblr is the social network where more animated gifs can be found) for others the real start of the use of video on mobile devices. A good idea? does it have a future?

I came, six seconds of video

I came, six seconds of video that will give a lot to talk
I came, six seconds of video that will give a lot to talk

Before evaluating and commenting on some aspects that in the few days of the life of the service have given much to talk about, let’s see what and how it works I came . Vine, even though it is a service associated with Twitter is not within the same application. It’s an independent application, Instagram style, that we can download from the App Store. Because is currently only available for iOS devices .

When we open the application for the first time we will create our user, associating our Twitter user or through an email account. Once created we’ll have access to the welcome screen.

In that screen we will see a top bar that gives us access to the options: Home (home screen), Explore (to search for content by username or tags), Activity (our activity as a Vine user) and Profile (information on our profile with posts published on Vine and the Likes – I like – marked).

My first publication in Vine

Publishing a first video on Vine is very simple . When we tap to start recording, a screen will appear that allows us to frame the action. To do this we will have a 1:1 format. Exactly, the same format that Instagram popularized.

There they will give us the necessary indications to start recording. The application only records while we keep our finger on the screen . Each time we do so, a bar will grow, and this will mark the six seconds of recording available.

So, you will have to plan well what and how you want to record your little video. All that remains is to decide where we want to publish it (Vine, Twitter or Facebook)

In Twitter the integration is total so the video is embedded in the tweet itself. Making it possible to view it without leaving our Twitter client or the web. As you see above, it plays in an infinite loop and the only option we have is to mute or not the sound.

Adding friends

As with any other social network, Vine allows you to add friends to follow your activity on the network. The only ways right now are to use our email, Twitter account or manual search.

This allows us, within Vine, to mark the videos that we like the most as well as to comment them in order to interact with the people we follow. Exactly the same as we can do in other applications such as Instagram. In Vine we can create a community of users different from those we follow on Twitter.

The impact of Vine

At a few days old it is difficult to quantify the impact of Vine . Furthermore, it is currently only available for iOS users. This means that only those with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can start publishing content on the web.

It is possible to see it through the links they share on Twitter or Facebook. Although there are also some unofficial projects that try to bring the experience offered by the application Vine to the desktop. We have VinePeek that shows us a stream with the latest published videos or VineRoullete that goes a step further and offers us the option to search by theme thanks to the search tags.

But back to the main thing. We feel with almost total confidence that the number of downloads and use has been high, very high. But that it won’t stay there, it will go up. As Enrique Dans says in his blog, Vine can be an important tool for the advertising ecosystem. Brands could take advantage of those six seconds to draw the user’s attention and take advantage of the viral factor and immediacy to consume content (photos, links to websites, texts,…) offered by Twitter.

Imagine the scope of a well thought out video to promote a product. And as we can see, without consuming a lot of data from our mobile internet rate, from Twitter even better. Since in other cases, links to Youtube, we usually do RT and postpone its viewing when we get home but then we do not.

Problem, explicit sexual content

It’s actually Vine’s main problem. Firstly, because of Apple itself. You know that their rules are very strict and a few days ago we saw them take the 500px app out of the App Store. The reason? The ease of finding images with sexual content.

Vine has not been released and in a few days, under

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But as you look at the uses that users make of it, the reception it gives, the possibilities it offers not only for personal use but also for business and, above all, you mix it up with the success and popularity of Twitter then, only then, do you ask yourself again about the future of Vine and say: will be a success.

Yes, I think it will soon become as popular as Instagram. Because it’s a perfect medium for fast, viral content. Plus, I’m sure it won’t be long before they add new options to the application to enhance the creations. Welcome to the new six-second gif.

And what do you think? Success or failure? A passing fad or the definitive arrival of the use of video on the mobile?

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