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I already have my new iPhone in my hands… Thanks to iOS 7

I admit, I wanted a new iPhone… It’s been almost two years since I bought my current free iPhone 4S, and I did it with the idea that it would last until he said enough. But I had been thinking for some months, with the imminent arrival of the new terminal, about the possibility of getting one. I am a user of a mobile virtual operator and as you know, this kind of operators do not offer any kind of subsidized terminal, so I would have to get one free.

And yes, I admit, I took the bait, I thought the iPhone 5c was going to be a significantly more affordable iPhone , but I was wrong. After the launch of the new iPhone I realized that right now I could not afford it. I am also a strong advocate of betas being what they are, betas. And although I installed the first iOS 7 Beta for a day, I immediately went back to iOS 6, because by mid-morning the battery was dead.

I already have my new iPhone in my hands… Thanks to iOS 7
I already have my new iPhone in my hands… Thanks to iOS 7

And now, after giving up on the idea of having a new iPhone because I couldn’t afford it, I realize that I really had it in my hands . Thanks to iOS 7 I’ve realized that what attracts me to the iPhone is not the handset itself, but the ecosystem created by its operating system. iOS 7 is such a deep wash that it’s really as if we had a brand new handset in our hands.

We can stop here at the mere fact that iOS 7 is flawed, that its mapping application still has flaws (and very serious ones), that it has security holes. But today, with the new update, Apple has shown us (at least to me) that they are still at it and that this new turn of the screw, even with the downturn, has been firm and will continue to evolve and improve .

I love the new look of iOS, it’s strange coming from where we come from so much minimalism all of a sudden. But I’ve always thought that how can I think something is badly designed if the person who made it is world renowned in that very field? Don’t misunderstand me, I understand perfectly people who were comfortable with Skeumorphism, but there were certain aspects that “squeaked” at me that gave a certain “dandruffy” air to the system.

I still have to get used to it, after more than five years of being used to something, I still have to get used to the new philosophy . But like everything else at Apple, the new design of iOS 7 is steeped in an “unwritten” logic that when faced with any problem of concept, all you have to do is apply common sense.

I have a new iPhone, and I have a new mini iPad and every day that passes I discover a new look that I didn’t know about and I love it. I’m not a friend of reading extensive articles about the system (which my partner Miguel Michan has done, and very good ones) I like to discover things for myself and iOS 7 still has to squeeze it.

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