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Hunting for Technology Bargains #4 – The Bitten Apple

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José Alberto Lizana

Hunting for Technology Bargains #4 – The Bitten Apple
Hunting for Technology Bargains #4 – The Bitten Apple

Posted on May 31, 2017 – 14:28

Don’t miss out on all the bargains that have been posted during the week. We know it’s not always easy to keep an eye on the bargains at the moment, but that’s what we’re here for. We offer you, as every week, the weekly bargains summary post. This way, you can see if you missed any of them. Don’t let them get away from you this time.

This is the most valued bargain of the week

The most valued bargain is one of the ones that the blog’s followers have liked the most, and the truth is that there are weeks when there are more and others when there are less. But, in this case, even if there is only one, it is one of the best and you should not stop taking advantage of it:

  • 8 Day trip Azores Islands only 119 ?: this bargain offers you the possibility to travel to the Azores Islands at a unique price. It’s all included in the price, so you don’t have to worry about anything else. You have a stay in a three star hotel for 8 days and the return flights. Please note that this trip costs more than 450 euros. But, with this bargain, you get it for only 119 euro. Don’t wait any longer. Here’s the link to all the information you need.

The most valuable bargain of the week

Chollos in the category of Smartphones

If you were looking for a cell phone, here’s the smartphone category. You can’t say that there are many available from all those that have been published, but you can still find some:

  • Honor 5X 2/16 GB: this is a high-end terminal and its features make it exceptional. You can use it for whatever you want and the truth is that it is the most useful and functional. You won’t have any problems with heating or lack of space. You can take it with you in this offer for only 149.00. The saving is about 60 euros.
  • Lenovo ZUK Z2 PRO 6GB only £236: here’s this 6GB Lenovo ZUK for just £236. A good brand terminal with which you will be able to have what you are looking for at a great price. The right design and more than enough performance.
  • LeEco X520 3GB/32GB only £106: and, if you’re looking for something economical to forget about design and quality, this is your terminal. It has been designed with 3GB of RAM, which makes it not the fairest and you can put it to good use. This mobile costs more than 130 euros. But, if you buy it in this offer we give you, and you apply the discount code x520, you get it for only 106 ?.

Chollos in the category of Laptops

Laptops are great for working comfortably, playing games, surfing, etc. They are perfect because we can take them anywhere and make the most of their features. We show you what you can get, even at a bargain price.

  • Xiaomi Air 12 for only £425: the Xiaomi Air 12 is one of the best laptops you have. It is of great quality and its performance is excellent for all the uses you want to give it. It costs more than £500, but you can have it for £75. With the discount code igogoair12G, you can take it with you for only £425. You can also get it here, with this other discount code AIR12ES.
  • Xiaomi My Notebook Air 13 for 596 Euros: another Xiaomi worthwhile. Together with the other one, these two laptops will give you everything you need to play, work, etc. This one is a bit more expensive, but the features make it worth it too. You get it for 596 euros with the discount code GBAIR13ES. But, its price is more than 700 euros.

Chollos in the category Electronics

Let’s go with everything we have left from the Electronics and + category. If you like devices, this is your category:

  • 12-inch drawing tablet for only £13.71: a tablet with a 12-inch screen. It’s comfortable to use and ideal for young and old to have a great time painting on it. You can have it for only £13.71; half the price of what you would pay in shops.
  • Xiaomi My WiFi 300M wifi amplifier for £7: a complete WiFi amplifier you can get for only £7. It’s a great price to end all the signal shortages you have.
  • Tablet Xiaomi My Pad 3 only £218: a Xiaomi branded tablet that you can take with you at a great price. It costs more than 270 euro, but you get it for only 218 euro. Use the discount code IGMP3 in your purchase.
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 2 for £17: the Xiaomi smartband at a price you should take advantage of. Now, you can have it for only 17 euro, 8 euro less than it costs without any offer.

Chollos in the category Music

The best accessories to enjoy music wherever you go. Check out the great deals you can still get in this category:

Weekly Chollos Video Games category

A unique bargain, but with a potential that is well worth it. Don’t run out of it.

Weekly Mini-Price category

Fans of the mini-prices will enjoy the most the mini-prices you still have in this category:

A bargain that many will love

  • Spinners for only £1: use the discount code SPINNER and you’ll get your favourite spinners for £1 They are available in blue or white.
  • Figure bottle opener for 0.80 euros: a bottle opener as useful as it is original. You can have them in different figures and for less than 1 euro. In shops, they cost £2, but here they are for £0.80.
  • Finder Spinner from 0,89 ?: another type of spinner; you get it for less than 1 ? SPNES discount code.

Weekly Chollos in the Miscellaneous category

Enjoy the bargains you still have available in this category:

Weekly Chollos Leisure category

For leisure fans, these are the best bargains you can still get:

Weekly Chollos Fashion category

The best deals this week are for accessories and shoes:

Weekly Chollos Discount category

And, if you are one of those who are looking for all the discounts, here are the ones you can still take advantage of:

Don’t wait any longer and make use of these bargains you still have available. Also, in Canal de Chollos, you can find all the bargains of the week and all the others that are published. Keep an eye on this blog.

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