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José Alberto Lizana

Hunting for Technology Bargains #2 – The Bitten Apple
Hunting for Technology Bargains #2 – The Bitten Apple

Posted on May 17, 2017 – 15:00

The weekly bargain summary is something that many of you are waiting for and it is a new opportunity to take advantage of those bargains that you have not seen during the week or to take advantage of them at a time when you can afford it. Let’s see which bargains we still have from the previous week.

We start with the most valued bargains

The most highly rated bargains are those that users have used the most, or those that have had the most views. This week has given a lot in this category and you have three top rated bargains that are still valid.

  • Epic Draw: a special and very simple draw in which everyone can participate. The truth is that it is a draw worth taking advantage of.
  • Get £10 Amazon Gift Card + £30 at Luckia: if you love gambling, especially not losing money, and gift cards, this is your bargain. It’s a safe bet in which you can only win, and you also get an Amazon Gift Card and £30 in a bonus to play with Luckia.
  • DiRT 3 Complete Edition game totally FREE: one of the best games of the moment and, of course, a pay game. But, now you can take it for free. Please note that we are talking about the complete game with all game modes.

Let’s continue with the best deals on smartphones

Mobile Xiaomi Mi

As always, the Smartphone category is one of the most popular. The ones that are still valid are the ones detailed here:

  • LeTV LE S3 x527 is only 133 Euros: a simple but very useful terminal that you can now take with you at a price that is worthwhile. This terminal costs 147 Euro in shops, but we found it for less. Use the discount code MYLECO2 before paying for your purchase and you can have it for only 133
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 for 619 ?: we all know the terminals of this brand and that is that they are high quality terminals and with everything we are looking for. The guarantee offered by this brand is excellent, which makes more and more Samsung users. In this case, you can get the Galaxy S8 for only 619 euros, but you know it costs more, right? Actually, it costs over £800 in shops.
  • LeTV LeMax2 X829 for 164 euros: with the discount code x829x, you can take this terminal for only 164 euros, even though it costs more than 200 euros in shops. A good terminal with which you will have the functionality and utility that you are looking for at all times.
  • ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini 3GB/32GB for £99: the ZTE Nubia is back at a bargain price. Just in case you haven’t made it yet, now it’s very easy. Now, you can take this 3Gb model of RAM for only 99 euro. A price that you should take advantage of, considering that it is a terminal that costs more than 250 euros.
  • Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon PRO only 156.81 Xiaomi is no longer a new brand and we’re sure you know all the products you can get from it. Xiaomi’s prices are among the best, so this is something you should take advantage of. In this bargain, you get the Redmi Note 4 for only 156 euro.
  • Xiaomi Mi5s PLUS 4GB/64GB only £282: this is another Xiaomi branded terminal, which you can take with you for only £282. All you need is this code that we offer you. Use the discount code 5SPYHMG and get it for only 282 Euro.
  • Vernee Mars 4G for 157.99: and, another terminal you can get at a low price with a discount code. A terminal with 4G for only 157.99 The discount code SHG3YR6Y, and you get it for only 157.99

And if what you need is a new tablet, this interests you

If you are already served in terms of mobiles, tablets may be what you are looking for. Well, you don’t have to worry about anything, because now you also have them at great prices that we are looking for for you. Here you have the best tablets at the best prices.

  • Tablet Fire 8GB-WIFI for only £44.99: its price is around £60, but you get it for much less. Keep in mind that it’s an 8GB model, so it’s a pretty powerful tablet.
  • Tablet Fire HD 8″ only 89.99: another tablet fire where the highlight is your screen. But don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s a tablet that’s limited. It has everything you’re looking for. And you get it for very little money.
  • Apple iPad Pro 9.7 32GB Silver 582: and, the king of tablets for many. If you’re an iPad lover, you can now take this iPad Pro in silver for £582. A price that contrasts sharply with the £650 you’d pay in stores.

iPad Pro 9,7″

If electronics is your thing, these are your bargains

If you love the bargains in the Electronics category, you’re going to love this week’s.

You’ll love these bargains, especially for the low price

If you’re a fan of the Mini-Price category, don’t miss out on seeing all that’s available there.

  • Washable brush/hairbrush for 0.70 ?: most useful and at a price that is worthwhile. Click and go for it now.
  • Key ring with functional compass for 0.57: a complete key ring for only 0.57 You can’t stop buying it. It’s at a unique price.
  • Mouse pad for 0.70 Euro: all the comfort you need to work and play. Now, at a minimum price.
  • MicroUSB Magnetic Cable for 1,82 ?: use the MUSB discount code and take this most useful cable for a unique price.
  • Wireless Mouse for £1.30: If you need to change your mouse, you can now get a wireless one at a special price. Click and find out what you can get for the lowest price.

Now let’s go to the most varied bargains, where you can find anything

In the Miscellaneous category, the following bargains are available:

We all like discounts, and here I bring you the best ones

Discounts still in force that offer you great prices, the best prices online:

  • Up to 50% Nike Lifestyle Rebates: If you love everything about Nike, now you can buy as much as you want at a great price.
  • ALL AT 5: Take advantage of this total sale at El Armario de la Tele. All items for only 5 euros.

Free, free! That word we all like to hear, and then a series of free bargains

Here’s all you can get for free:

We hope you take advantage of all these discounts; especially remember to follow Canal de Chollos (which I leave you here) so you can see the ones that come out every day and not miss any opportunity.

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