Humor or warning? The modularity of the new Mac Pro seen from the critical side

I couldn’t help but notice this image, which is circulating on the Internet in a humorous way but with a certain critical tone towards the new Mac Pro . It shows, as you can see just above these lines, the “old” model of the Mac Pro that has already been discontinued along with the new black cylinder surrounded by accessories to try to match all the expansion possibilities that the tower had. foto del post El nuevo Mac Pro, todo lo que podíamos pedir y más a finales de este año

The message is simple: the apparent modularity and simplicity of the Mac Pro can become a nightmare of cables and expansions on the desks of professionals. Is this something we have to take seriously or maybe there are other things to consider?

Humor or warning? The modularity of the new Mac Pro seen from the critical side
Humor or warning? The modularity of the new Mac Pro seen from the critical side

First of all, let’s do some justice. The traditional Mac Pro tower should also have a power strip behind it, where we’d certainly have at least one monitor plugged in. And in the professional world, we have additional monitors, speakers, and other add-ons that can’t be added internally in the tower. What I’m getting at is, no matter how much Apple tries to make it up, no one can save us from the tangle of cables. Especially if you’re a video and audio professional.

For me, Apple has decided to change the philosophy of the computer for several reasons. Optical readers are no longer used and hard disks have evolved, so classic towers with dimensions adapted to those components lose their meaning in a company that is always the first to discard data carriers (like the floppy disk in iMacs).

Another reason is the one that Miguel Michán commented a few days ago: the disappearance of the bottlenecks . Yes, we will continue to connect our storage units with external cables… but we have gone from speeds of 480 Mbs of the USB 2 to 20 Gbs of the Thunderbolt 2. There is no longer any need for professionals to look for internal units, because the external ones have increased their data transfer speed tremendously.

Therefore, and always keeping in mind that the superior image is in the key of humor and that one should not take it too seriously, the difference would not be so great. On the right there are too many optical disc readers, and on the left there are some cables and plugs missing. But it’s not just about modularity, because it’s improved. All those cables are hundreds of times faster and more efficient than the ones we had four years ago, which makes this modularity much more feasible.

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