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Huawei refers to Face ID ensuring that its technology will be better

Huawei’s marketing department has launched a campaign where they give a wink to Apple and more specifically to the iPhone X Face ID presented last September 12th. Huawei has launched a video in which they claim that this technology does not work efficiently, and that the real innovation will come in their next flagship, the Huawei Mate 10 which will be “a mobile with real AI”.

This Huawei device will be presented next October 16th, being one of the last releases of this year regarding high ranges. Don’t forget, if you are interested in this type of device, don’t hesitate to visit Android 5×1 to soak up all the information about it.

Huawei refers to Face ID ensuring that its technology will be betterHuawei refers to Face ID ensuring that its technology will be better

The Chinese company h launched today a video on its Facebook account showing a clown being identified by various points on his facial face. After spending some time analysing the face, fails and the terminal does not unlock. This indicates that this technology usually fails and is not at all secure, something we don’t know yet, as we haven’t tested the iPhone X . And it can be said, that the privileged few who have had it in their hands give a very good feeling.

The slogan of this advertising campaign is “Let’s face it, facial recognition is not for everyone. Unlock the future with #TheRealAIPhone. 16.10.2017 ” We are convinced that this way of unlocking is the future, and it is very curious that days after the Keynote this very compromising ad is taken out. We leave the video here.

Which terminal will have better technology? That’s something that time will tell us, when we can test both features and see if Huawei really incorporates an authentic Artificial Intelligence that can learn from our face. This campaign also comes from a small error in Apple’s Keynote, causing the iPhone not to unlock with this system, as many faces were placed in front of the camera for preparation, causing it not to unlock.

This promises to be a ” great war” between different facial recognitions , as occurred in the portrait mode of several devices that have led to numerous comparisons.

On October 16th, Huawei will present its flagship that incorporates a Kirin 970 chip very similar to the A11 Bionic chip and that would incorporate AI capabilities. But as I say, we will have to wait, because in mid-October we will have this Huawei and it will surely be in the hands of many users before the iPhone X.

No doubt that in Apple 5×1 we will bring you a comparison between both technologies to see which one works best. Which one do you think will be better?