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Huawei punishes for using an iPhone to send an official tweet

Last week Huawei’s official Twitter account showed a tweet congratulating the new year with a short video greeting. So far everything is normal but users started to get their hands on it when it was seen that this tweet was published through “Twitter for iPhone”. Huawei employees using an iPhone? Things didn’t start to add up here.

As reported today by Reuters, Huawei is taking harsh measures against these employees by reducing their salary although we hope they will not be fired for this small oversight.

Huawei punishes for using an iPhone to send an official tweet
Huawei punishes for using an iPhone to send an official tweet

Although Huawei quickly erased the tweet when they realized that Twitter was made public since the device had been published, many had already made captures. This always happens when an official account of an Android manufacturer shows tweets sent from an iPhone.

Huawei’s own vice president released an internal statement strongly criticizing the employees who posted this message saying that ” this incident has caused damage to Huawei’s brand”.

The official version of what happened explains that the brand’s community manager experienced a desktop failure, specifically a VPN error in the Sapient network manager. As this message had to be sent in the middle of the night, the employee looked for a mobile device nearby with the luck that there was an iPhone with a SIM card that he took advantage of to send this message in time.

Although the tweet was also sent through an outsourced social network manager as most brands do, Huawei continues to blame its internal employees, claiming they have not complied with quality monitoring.

In view of such facts Huawei has decided to demote the responsible employees with a salary decrease of more than $700 . The marketing director who is the ultimate responsible for these social media campaigns will also have his salary frozen for 12 months according to Reuters.

There are many companies that have this kind of negligence like Samsung, but this is the first time that have transcended the internal consequences that as you can see are quite hard. This usually happens when the employer does not have a company mobile phone and has only his personal one, which sometimes happens to be an iPhone. We do not believe that sending a tweet with an iPhone in Huawei is to mount this chaos on the network.

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