Huami presents on own Apple Watch Series 4

That Apple is the company most copied by Asian companies is something that at this point should not surprise anyone. From time to time, something happens that reminds us that while Apple invests in R&D, others simply shoot the final result. Yesterday was one of those days, because Huami, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, launched its own Apple Watch. However, under the name of Amazfit GTS . Welcome to a new episode of a company that copies an Apple product without any blush.

A software copied from the Apple Watch

The newly announced Amazfit GTS has a rectangular screen and a rounded edge whose external appearance makes it similar to the Apple Watch. It is not the first of the brand to have it, as the Amazfit Bip from a couple of years ago was also rectangular in shape. The GTS comes with two colors and six interchangeable straps. This is all within reason , since watches have always had this kind of shape.

Huami presents on own Apple Watch Series 4
Huami presents on own Apple Watch Series 4

The problem is not in its outward appearance, but in its software. The Amazfit GTS seamlessly copies such distinctive elements of the Apple Watch Series 4:

  • Sphere infograph, where up to eight complications can be placed.
  • Modular infographic sphere, which shows several larger and more informative complications.
  • Sphere of analogical activity, focused on daily exercise.
  • System of modification of complications, rotating from one to another.

The first two dials saw the light of day last year with the Apple Watch Series 4, while the other dots have been on the clock longer. The video above and others on YouTube show that Xiaomi has decided to copy the Apple Watch in the most important way: the software . While the outward appearance of a clock is to some extent inevitable, its software is the most distinctive and important element, as it is what we interact with.

However, the GTS shows a fairly significant lag when moving between the spheres. Although the processor that moves the device is unknown, it is probably a generic one due to its low price of around 120 euros. Xiaomi sells it as a copy of the Apple Watch for three times less.

Apple is once again the R&D department of the technological world

As we said at the beginning of this article, Apple has become the R&D department of the entire technological world. Its designs are copied to a greater or lesser degree by almost all companies in the sector, sometimes going beyond the products themselves. Looking through Apple’s archive, we find numerous cases of companies launching products that range from clear inspiration to absolute copy:

  • Huawei decided in April 2018 that its “FreeBuds” wireless headset should be copied to AirPods. Along with dozens of clone copies sold on Amazon, they demonstrated the inevitability of Apple’s design.
  • The Animoji released with the iPhone X have also starred in their own copycat saga. Both Samsung and again Xiaomi have copied these animated emoji (with more or less luck).

But without a doubt, Xiaomi takes the trophy to the company that copies Cupertino’s most. Their photocopying machine is not limited to their products and software, but they also take it to their presentations (their CEO even dressed as Steve Jobs) and even to their physical stores (an obvious copy of the ones on the block).

It’s funny how all these companies prefer to copy the final result (the product) rather than the path that leads Apple to make them (the process). Of course, it is faster, easier and cheaper to imitate the first thing than to build the second one.

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