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How to watch video on our iOS device: CineXPlayer

Another week with all of you. It’s Friday and the beginning of July so many of you are about to start your holidays. And among the belongings some iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. And what better way to use it than to take it with you to our favourite series, a film, etc. Do you want to know which are the best players to watch it? We have already seen some, and in this issue we tell you how another one works, CineXplayer.

Friday again and here we are with yet another installment of the special we are developing on themed applications to watch video on our iPhone or iPad. If last week we presented you with an application like GoodPlayer, characterized by a great number of options, today we bring you another one that does not lag behind. It is CineXPlayer, one of my favorites when using our iOS device as a video player.

How to watch video on our iOS device: CineXPlayer
How to watch video on our iOS device: CineXPlayer

It has a very careful interface, but the one that more of all the applications that we have seen among those that work as video players. It offers a library similar to the one VLC presents us and also adds as a feature the Dolby Digital sound or an option to watch videos that have been recorded in 3D. Subtitles are also managed efficiently.

Once started, a screen with the logo and the name of the application welcomes us. It only takes a few seconds and then leads us to a browser with all the files we have synchronized . I don’t want to be repetitive about how to sync, so I’ll just say that it’s the same way we’ve used with any of the other applications.

If we enter the browser menu, which includes a background tune, the first thing we’ll do is go to the options window to set up playback in the way we like . At the top right, next to the information icon is a cogwheel icon that gives you access to the options screen .

Possibilities to change the subtitles, other options of general character, of privacy, for the management of the sound or like newness the use of the 3D , although this last one must be bought separately and not very well which are their functions. Let’s go back to the browser window and play a video to see what options it allows us . In this case it’s a video with a resolution of 576p because as you know, in iPad 2 videos at 720p or higher resolution give problems when playing them.

At the top we find the time bar and at the bottom the playback controls . Alongside the classic ones, there are newer ones like share , which gives us the option of accessing Facebook or Twitter to show what we’re watching. Next to it is a icon for using subtitles and to the right next to the access for managing the size of the screen, a access for taking the image to an external monitor via the corresponding output . This last option is something new and very practical that we rarely see as a possibility within the same application.

If we return to the main screen we find in the upper left part, a series of 4 accesses to different functions : CineXPlayer para iPad

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As you can see, it is a good application, which however can have a but . And it’s no other than we must pay, as in other cases, twice for the use of the same application , if we want to use it on an iPad and on an iPhone or iPod Touch. Nonsense, especially when there are other cases in which a single payment allows us both possibilities. We have both available on the App Store at a price of 1.59 euros for the iPhone version and 2.99 for the iPad version.

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