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How to watch the Champions League match between PSG

Tonight at 20:45 one of the most awaited matches of Champions League will take place, where PSG and Real Madrid will meet.

Although the match is open, you may not have access to a television to watch this match. Fortunately, you can watch it completely free and in HD quality from your iPhone or iPad.

How to watch the Champions League match between PSGHow to watch the Champions League match between PSG

There are several applications that allow us to watch this game, but it is best to play it safe, which in this case is Atresplayer , from the group Antena 3 Television.

So that you don’t get caught off guard, we recommend that you download the application first and register in it, as you’ll be able to watch the game in HD. If you have a somewhat low data rate, watching the game could consume all your data within 90 minutes of the match.

If you also have a TV package with your ADSL or fiber, you may also be able to watch the game through the applications they offer. Vodafone or Movistar usually offer DTT channels on their receivers and mobile applications, where you can also follow the game.

This match is considered high risk, the ultras of PSG have been annoying the Real Madrid players while resting in their hotel to take away their sleep and thus arrive more decentralized to the match.

Real Madrid has arrived with an unstable squad in recent matches. Despite the 3-1 win in the first leg , Zidane’s side are not confident of a win, even without PSG star Neymar. PSG, on the other hand, will be forced to come out in force to try and make the next round.

So you have no more excuses to watch this interesting game of Champions League from your iPhone or iPad from anywhere with the Atresplayer app.

Download the Atresplayer app

Where will you watch the game from? Will you do it from another application than the ones mentioned?