how to watch, record and edit digital terrestrial television channels

Watching television on the web has been commonplace for years. Thanks to the DTT channels on the internet we can watch them from the iPhone or iPad without the need for an app. And with certain aggregators, we can watch any Spanish or foreign channel. Without intrusive advertising and with the possibility of going back in time.

Like any mobile device, watching DTT from the iPhone is a reality. We can even go further, quickly recording and editing content from our phone. Let’s see how to do it.

PHOTOCALL.TV for watching DTT from the iPhone

how to watch, record and edit digital terrestrial television channels
how to watch, record and edit digital terrestrial television channels

The first step to watching DTT from the iPhone or iPad is to access the PHOTOCALL.TV website. It is a website that brings together hundreds of open DTT channels, both Spanish and international. And it does so in different ways. So, when we play a channel we can:

  • Live broadcast.
  • International, national or regional version.
  • Search for a newly issued section.

As a result, we can watch these DTT channels in different languages on the iPhone. Without the need for a dedicated app for each of them. Nor with the persistent advertising that characterizes the websites of the channels.

The PHOTOCALL.TV website works quite well. Some channels may fail at some point, but just wait for it to work again. In addition, we also do not find the persistent advertising that usually characterizes this type of website. However, this page has no design responsive , so managing it from the iPhone can be difficult at times.

How to record DTT and edit it from your iPhone

Now that you know how to watch DTT on the iPhone, you may want to record a piece of a program at some point. Either to watch it later or edit it and send it to your contacts. Fortunately, screen recording is easy on the iPhone or iPad. Just follow these steps:

The screen recording button on the iPhone, below, and the orientation lock button, above. Both marked in red

  • Make sure you have the screen recording shortcut in the iPhone or iPad Control Center. To do this, go to Settings , Control Center, and turn it on.
  • Go to PHOTOCALL.TV from Safari and select the DVB-T channel you want to watch on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Deploy the Control Center and activate screen recording.
  • You may want to record in landscape mode, so you can take advantage of this to turn off the orientation lock.

While the screen is recording, you will see a red indicator on the top of your iPhone. To end the recording, tap this indicator and confirm. The recorded clip will then appear on your photo reel.

It is likely that the recorded video will be longer than you thought and that you will want to cut it out . You can use sophisticated desktop apps or you can use the tools in the iOS itself to keep it simple. To do so, from Photos, click Edit. Here you can shorten its duration as well as straighten the recording if you wish.

In AppleFirst Steps in Final Cut Pro X: Getting Started with Video Editing

Another very interesting option is to use Clips, the video editing app designed for social networks. With it you can add more clips, edit the sound, add music and emoji. A quite versatile app to give another touch to your videos.

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