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How to view your App Store purchase history on iPhone

When you purchase an application or other content from the App Store or iTunes Store, you may not receive an email confirmation receipt. In these cases we can go to the purchase history where we have a series of very inteersantes options of consultation on all the information of our purchases.

In the purchase history we can see a complete list of all the purchases we have made, as well as make the refund of applications and request the sending of invoices again through email.

How to view your App Store purchase history on iPhoneHow to view your App Store purchase history on iPhone

If we want to check the purchase history, we can do it easily from the iPhone or iPad itself. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on your name in the top section and then access the ‘iTunes Store and App Store’ tab
  • Click on your Apple ID and then on ‘View Apple ID’. Enter your password to log in.
  • In the tab that appears you must move to the box that says ‘Purchase History’ and click on it.
  • Once we’ve clicked, we’ll have access to the complete list of our. If you want to filter by purchases from the last 3 months, simply click on ‘Last 90 days’.

As we mentioned at the beginning, here we can check the date of purchase, request the resending of the electronic invoice or ask for a refund by clicking on ‘Report a problem’. In the last few days, we have been able to report a problem that causes invoices not to be sent when we subscribe to a service or when we buy a new application or content.

In this section of our iPhone we will be able to quickly consult all the information of the purchases that we have made so that it is totally transparent and to make different actions as we have said previously.

If any of your purchases in this history do not show up, you may have purchased the item under a different Apple ID. It is also important to note that this history does not show purchases made by members of the Family, as this must obviously be completely private. The history of your ID shows only your purchases and if you want to control what your children buy you must apply the restrictions allowed by the operating system.

Leave us your comments in the comment box about this way of looking at your purchase history.