How to View Flash on iPad, iPad Air, and Mini with and without Jailbreak

Find out how to view Flash content on Apple iPads

Rare is the day we don’t access some kind of Flash content on the net. For example, Facebook games use this format, although there are also many websites and players that use this type of technology. However, one of the things that iOS device users have complained about the most since the first iPhone model was released is the incompatibility of viewing Flash content . Moreover, several years and versions of the mobile operating system later, this incompatibility is still there, but there are several applications and ways that allow us to access this content , whether we have our iPad with the Jailbreak done, or without it.

As we said a few moments ago, you could say that, today, SWF content is banned on iOS devices , whether iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. However, thanks to some applications available in the App Store or some other tricks we can enjoy it in our Apple tablet, which we will talk about today.

How to View Flash on iPad, iPad Air, and Mini with and without Jailbreak
How to View Flash on iPad, iPad Air, and Mini with and without Jailbreak

On the other hand, it seems that Adobe plans to abandon Flash technology to make way for HTML5 . Despite that, there are still many games, websites and video players that we cannot enjoy on our iPad, iPad Air and Mini unless we use a third-party application. So without further ado, we leave you with some of the different options that exist for playing this type of content on both the iPad and the Mini, with or without Jailbreak . Let’s go!

Ways to view Flash content without Jailbreak

Safari, the Apple Internet browser that comes bundled with iOS 8 , currently does not support playback of Flash content. However, there is a free way to view this content in this browser on our iPad without doing the Jailbreak. It is as simple as opening Safari, entering http:/ and once it has loaded you have to click on the option “Action” and save in your Favorites with the name you want.

Then go to your Favorites and click on the “Edit” button, select the site you just saved and delete the text behind the word “javascript” in the URL, and save your changes . Next, we’ll enter any web page that has content of this type and after it loads click on the bookmark we just edited. After that, the page reloads and a link box pops up to display that content in a new tab in Safari’s browser.

On the other hand, there are other payment options in the App Store, such as Puffin Web Browser, a well-known application among iOS device users . This application costs 3.59 euros and offers a fairly good user experience, although it must be said that it supports all Flash applications.

Another application we found in the app store is iSwiffer Browser , which offers a pretty good user experience and is compatible with all types of Flash content, so we can enjoy Facebook games, video players and more. Of course, the first 7 days are free , but if we want to continue using it we’ll have to pay for the full version.

Does your iPad have the Jailbreak? You can also view Flash content

Finally, for those users who have their iPad, iPad Air or Mini with the Jailbreak done they also have the possibility to play this content in another way . It must be said that the various Cydia repositories have many applications to fulfil this function, but the most used and most effective option is to install the Frash plug-in .

Frash can be installed as if it were another Cydia application, but in order to have it, it is necessary to have the Jailbreak done. Frash can be found in the http:/ repository, which we need to install on Cydia from ManageManage – Fonts , click on “Edit” and “Add”. Finally, we just need to look for Frash in the repository, install it and then reboot the device .

And you, do you know any other way to view Flash from iPad , Air and Mini?

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