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How to view all your FCPX libraries quickly no matter where they are

Final Cut Pro X 10.1, la nueva versión del editor de vídeo de Apple

Final Cut Pro X has introduced several changes compared to Final Cut Pro 7. One of the most striking for those who were so accustomed to version 7 was the material management. We now have folders that were automatically created to save different projects on one hand and events on the other. Now, with the last update, 10.1 , we went a step further and finished unifying everything in a single library in the style of iPhone or Aperture.

How to view all your FCPX libraries quickly no matter where they are
How to view all your FCPX libraries quickly no matter where they are

This new library houses events and projects . Everything in a single archive that I personally believe brings advantages by having a clearer organization prior to the adaptation phase, of course. Thus, we have a scheme that we could establish in the following way: HDD> Library> Event> Projects

Although from FCPX we will be able to use the material (audio clips, video and photographs) of an event with the project associated to another different event, the idea is to facilitate having grouped all the material that we are going to use in one place (library).

As I said, I personally find it a better option to organize everything. In addition, each library can be created on the storage unit of your choice. Something that, on computers like the new Mac Pro, will be the norm. We will be able to have a library with resource plans and in it different events categorizing each type, in addition to the possibilities of the use of keywords , and others with the projects in which we are working… here each one chooses how to take advantage of the new scheme.

As I said, having several libraries in different units is normal. Maybe in a NAS we have some that we don’t use anymore, that in Firewire or Thunderbolt drives are with which we are working, etc… This sometimes generates the problem of not knowing where each one is.

In order not to go unit by unit, folder by folder, Industrial Revolution, taking advantage of the use of the smart folders, has created a simple and practical tutorial to visualize all our libraries in one place.

By creating a smart folder and setting as search parameter all files with the extension .fcpbundle we will be able to see quickly and from a folder in Finder all the libraries. This way we can then copy them to other drives to work on different computers, make backups etc.

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