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How to View All Images and Videos Sent with iMessage

iMessage is Apple’s instant messaging application that can be found on all iPads and iPhones. It’s very simple to use and does its job very well, so much so that it has nothing to envy from other instant messaging apps we can find on the App Store. Its only “defect”? We can only use it with other users of iOS devices.

Generally, iMessage features are quite clear so that we can learn to use the app in a completely intuitive way. However, it may be that some of the secondary functions are a bit more hidden and difficult to find. Today we’re going to explain one that you’ll miss if you have long conversations.

How to quickly view all the media files shared through iMessage with an iPad or iPad Mini

How to View All Images and Videos Sent with iMessage
How to View All Images and Videos Sent with iMessage

As with any instant messaging application, as the conversation grows, it becomes more difficult to find something within it. For example, if someone has shared a funny picture with us and we want to show it to a friend later, searching through the long text strings can become very tedious.

This inconvenience is generally solved in almost all the big apps of this genre through an option that allows us to see all the media files shared in the conversation. Does iMessage have a similar feature? Yes, but it’s a bit hidden and hard to find.

So you know, if you have long conversations in iMessage with lots of pictures and videos shared in them, just follow these simple steps to get an overview of all the content.

1.- The first thing we have to do is open the iMessage application and position ourselves on the conversation from which we want to preview all the shared multimedia files.

2.- Once we are in it, we must click on some image or video that we find. The choice we make is not significant, we just need it to display the menu.

3.- When we click on an image or video, it will open in full screen. Here we will see the option we are interested in to access all the shared multimedia files. Next to the “OK” button, we’ll find another button in the form of a list. Click on it and you’ll have access to all the files in the conversation.

As we have seen in OS X Daily, the method is very useful to quickly find that image or video we are looking for among hundreds and hundreds of text messages.

Did you know this trick? Do you use iMessage very often?