How to view AirPod battery percentage from the Apple Watch


Since Apple introduced LTE connectivity in the Apple Watch Series 3, you no longer need to carry your iPhone with you everywhere . Now, we can make calls, send messages, and listen to our favorite music and podcasts without relying on our smartphone. And if we accompany it with the AirPods, the company’s wireless Bluetooth headset, the experience is unique.

How to view AirPod battery percentage from the Apple Watch
How to view AirPod battery percentage from the Apple Watch

Apple AirPods are the perfect headphones for several reasons, one of which is their great range. Being able to use them for hours without having to recharge them is a very positive point. However, their autonomy is not unlimited, and if we want to check their battery level from the Apple Watch to know when we should recharge them, things get a little complicated. And that’s why we’ve explained a very easy and simple way to do it .

  1. The first step is to check that the AirPods are connected to the Apple Watch. To do this, slide up until the Control Center appears, and the AirPlay icon should be blue. Click on it and the label on the AirPods should be illuminated, indicating that they are connected.
  2. Now, with the Control Center displayed, click on the battery percentage icon. In addition to the clock battery, the charge level of each AirPod will be displayed, as well as the case. If the AirPods are stored in the box, when the lid is opened (there is no need to remove them) the percentage will appear.

This tip is not only compatible with Apple AirPods, but is also compatible with any Bluetooth headset that supports the battery check function . This way, we’ll never be left hanging and will always be ready for a race or a trip to the gym with our Apple Watch and wireless headset.


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