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How to view a floating window video on a Mac

If you’re working or surfing the internet you’ll probably like to have some sort of video in the background to distract you. Unfortunately we can only listen to it since obviously if we are in our email and in a web page we can’t see both things, but this can change thanks to the Picture in Picture (PiP) function that will allow us to see a video in a floating window.

As we say Picture in Picture, it will allow us to have a floating window with our favorite video in Safari while we are in another tab or doing any task on our Mac. This is very useful for viewing specific content on a small screen while doing another task. The way to activate it is really simple, although it will only work in those s web pages that use HTML5 for video playback. The most prominent web pages that work with HTML5 are YouTube or Vimeo.

How to view a floating window video on a Mac
How to view a floating window video on a Mac

To use this function, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open an HTML5 web page in Safari and play a video. For example, any video on the YouTube platform.
  2. In some contents we can see an icon of two squares, one sunset and another transparent with an arrow inside. If we have this button we will simply press it to activate the ‘Picture in Picture’ mode.
  3. If you don’t see this icon, simply right-click on the video and select the Picture in Picture function.
  4. Once we have clicked we will see that a pop-up window is generated in one of the corners although we will be able to go moving it to our whim. We can also drag the edge or the corner to make it bigger or smaller.
  5. If we want to remove this floating window we simply have to pass the mouse over it and click on the upper left side to close it.

This is a tremendously useful feature that has been with us since MacOS Sierra and that has been gradually evolving, because although we find it incredible there are still many websites that work with flash and not with HTML. We hope that in the future the vast majority of websites have a unique code and we can enjoy this functionality always. The truth is that we find it useful for most of the cases we have mentioned before and if you are a big fan of watching YouTube videos while doing another task with this feature you will be able to achieve it perfectly.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of the Picture in Picture function of macOS.

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