How to use Windows programs on MAC OS X (Part 2)

In this second article we will show you how to install Windows inside our Mac OS X system through Virtual Box in order to use those Windows applications we need so much on our Mac. Virtual Box

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How to use Windows programs on MAC OS X (Part 2)
How to use Windows programs on MAC OS X (Part 2)

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Virtualizing means installing an operating system within another operating system that is called a guest, by using a virtual machine . With this small and simple explanation we begin this second article in which we will show how we can install a complete operating system (in this case Windows) inside another (our OS X) using virtualization software. If you have not read the previous article of this series I recommend you to take a look at it, to have a notion of what we will talk about, just as I encourage you, if you are new to the “Mac”, to read the series of articles that our colleague Isabel is writing.

For today’s tutorial we will use the free software “Virtual Box” , as it is very powerful, not too complicated in its configuration and is in full English, something that is always appreciated in these cases. If you already have experience in virtualization, you can try other much more complex programs, such as Parallels or VMWare.

Something that we have to take into account with this system that we are going to show you is that it is essential to have an original Windows license , since we will need the Windows Installation Disk to be able to create the virtual machine. The installation will be carried out as if we were installing it on a PC, and we will have to be as careful as we would be with a Windows computer, which means that we will have to install an antivirus and any security system that we consider necessary , since, having a Windows system within OS X, we will also be open to viruses. Without further ado, I leave you with the video.

As we have seen, the system is quite simple, as long as we don’t need any strange configuration. If this is the case, if we need to use our computer hardware completely and without limitations , I recommend reading the next and last article in this series, where we will show you how to use the tool BOOT CAMP included from Leopard, which will allow us to install our Windows completely on our Apple computer.

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