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How to use the People feature of the iPhone and iPad Photos app

The Photo app that comes with every iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is much more powerful than it may first appear. Apple has given it the importance it deserves and has been adding features for generations.

One of these features is facial recognition. Thanks to this feature the current iPhone and iPad are able to automatically detect faces and group photos together within the People album .

How to use the People feature of the iPhone and iPad Photos app
How to use the People feature of the iPhone and iPad Photos app

Thanks to this, you can quickly locate all the photos of a certain person on your iOS device. In this guide, we want to show you how to use this feature to its fullest potential and improve your facial recognition when it falls short.

Where can I find the People album?

The People album is a little hidden, so not everyone knows about this feature, but we’re sure you’ll love discovering it and starting to use it.

To access the People album you must open the app Photos and tap on the tab Albums in the bottom bar of the app . Once inside scroll down to People and places and play on People to access the album.

Once inside the album, you’ll see a series of files for different people that iOS has automatically generated. They are ordered by the amount of images you have of each person, that is, the person who appears at the top left is the one with the most photos and as you go to the right and down you have less photos.

How to add the name to each person

Now that you know how to access the album People it’s time to put some order and assign the name to each person is a good starting point.

To do this, simply tap on the file you want to name and then tap on Add name at the top of the screen. A window will appear where you can type in the name and then tap on Next and confirm with Ok .

How to add more photos to each Person

Facial recognition in iOS has improved a lot since Apple first integrated it into iOS, but it’s not perfect and a help never comes. To help you, you can add more photos of each person to each file .

To do this you must access a person’s file, tap on the icon with the three dots you see in the upper right corner and then select the option Confirm more photos .

iPhone or iPad will start showing you photos with a selected face and ask you if they match the person. Simply tap on Yes or No to make facial recognition more accurate and to continue tagging the rest of the photos on the film automatically.

Adding people that iOS did not automatically include

iOS creates files for the people who appear most often in the photos on your reel, but if you want to add files for other people you can do so manually.

To do this, you must open any photo that shows people in the Photos app and slide it down. Now you have to look at the new options that appear and more specifically at the People section. There you will see a thumbnail with the face of each person detected and all you have to do is select the one you want to add to the album People , tap on the icon of the three dots and choose the option Add to album People .

Once added to the album, you can follow the instructions above to add more photos of that person to your file or the following instructions if a photo has been uploaded that should not be in that file.

How to remove photos that do not correspond to the person

As we said, iOS facial recognition is not perfect and can sometimes be wrong. In case you come across a photo that does not correspond to the person iOS has assigned you can remove it.

To do this you must enter the person’s file, tap on the button Select and then on the photo or photos that do not correspond. Once you have finished your selection tap on the share icon (a square with an upward arrow that you will see in the bottom left corner of the screen) and tap on Not this person to confirm.

What did you think of the People feature in the iOS Photos app? Did you already know and use it? It’s a feature that’s a little hidden, but once you discover it and start using it, it becomes a must-have.