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How to use the Apple Watch as a flashlight

Night, darkness, shadows, darkness… The truth is that we do not pretend that this is a kind of horror novel, since we are actually defining with those words the situations in which it can be useful to use the Apple Watch as a flashlight. Yes, you read correctly, the Apple Watch can serve as a flashlight. It is true that it does not have a flash that serves as a light source as in an iPhone, but the screen itself can be useful in certain occasions.

By pure logic we can deduce that a screen size as small as that of an Apple Watch is not going to serve us to light up a room or walk down a dark street. However, it can be especially useful in more specific uses such as opening the door with the keys when there is not much light or looking for an object that has fallen to the ground in a dark place.

How to use the Apple Watch as a flashlight
How to use the Apple Watch as a flashlight

But where is that chance of a flashlight in the Apple Watch? Well, you’ve probably seen it many times and haven’t even noticed it. The flashlight feature is not located as a standalone app on the watchOS, but rather in the control center. This can be accessed by sliding from the bottom of the screen to the top. The icon can’t be missed, as it’s a flashlight.

That’s where the flashlight is located in all Apple Watch models, whatever their size and generation. Once we open it you will see a blank screen but not too intense, as you will have to click on the screen to make it brighter.

If you slide you will find more flashlight modes that can also be interesting like a flashing white light and even a red light. These can be useful in extreme cases of emergency as if someone is looking for you in a dark area they are more likely to find you with one of these functions activated. Getting out of the flashlight is as simple as sliding up and down or pressing the button on the digital crown.

We emphasize again that this flashlight does not look or have the same utility as the iPhone or a real flashlight, but it certainly has a not inconsiderable brightness and throws more light than it seems. If you didn’t know this functionality you may now use it more often and even replace the iPhone at certain times as it is much more comfortable to open it from our wrist instead of having to take the device out of our pocket.