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How to use Reminders in iOS and Siri to make your shopping list

As the versions of an operating system go by and the functions of the system increase, it is easy to miss some of them. Sometimes, veteran users forget or simply lack the imagination to take advantage of what already exists but apply it to uses other than those we are used to.

Last week we talked about Bring! a great app to manage our shopping list. In the comments, some Apple readers announced an alternative use for the Reminders app . One with which we can manage our supermarket purchases without third-party apps and for which we can recruit Siri. Let’s see how to do this.

“Hey Siri, add milk to the shopping list”

How to use Reminders in iOS and Siri to make your shopping list
How to use Reminders in iOS and Siri to make your shopping list

Although some users consider that Siri doesn’t bring them much, the truth is that I integrate more and more simple actions with its help in my daily life. And the possibility of asking Siri to add products to a shopping list is quite attractive and simple. I tried asking her to add milk to the shopping list and Siri answered that there was no list with that name . She then asked me if I wanted to create one under this name and I answered in the affirmative.

In this way, he not only created the new list but also added the milk, which is not bad at all. From here, you can use Apple’s virtual assistant to add products for your next visit to the supermarket . Users from an iPhone 6s to iPhone 7, including their “Plus” brothers, the iPhone SE and the Apple Watch, have the advantage of being able to configure “Oye Siri” so that the whole process is done without having to touch a single button. You simply say “Hey Siri, add such a thing to the shopping list” and that’s it.

Siri helps us to fill in our shopping list without touching a single button

Managing this reminder list with Siri goes further. We can ask you to “Hey Siri, show me my shopping list” and will list each of the products on it . When you reach the third one, she will ask you if you want to hear the rest. From this same screen, we can mark as “completed” when we have collected that product in our shopping cart.

Beyond Reminders

Perhaps the best thing about Reminders is that it uses two of its features in a very different way than Apple probably thought at first. One of them is the location we can give a reminder . So, if we make our purchase in different places, we can use the “geo-fences” in Reminders to let us know about certain products.

To do this, we will have to manually add the location to each product. For example, we can make this app warn us to buy salmon, hake and prawns when we are near the fish shop in our house. Or buy detergent, toothpaste and bread when passing near the supermarket on our street . This is very practical when we usually pass by these establishments on a regular basis and so that we don’t forget to buy something at that moment.

Reminders can alert us to purchase certain products in specific stores through geolocation
Oye Siri, “Mi voz es mi pasaporte, verifícame”.

Another feature that goes unnoticed is the ability to show and hide the completed elements. When you finish shopping, you don’t have to delete anything. As they are marked as completed, we can use this as a kind of “pantry” . Whatever is marked, we have it at home. If it’s finished, we open the list and uncheck it to have it there on our next visit to the supermarket or shop.

And finally, we can also share our lists with other users. The restriction here is obvious and is that our partner, friends or family must have an iOS device. We can invite them via the email they use for their Apple ID, where they will receive a reminder notification.

As it is an app of Apple itself, we have versions for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac .

Thanks to the readers, druco, alejandro.martin.129, abr_pinto, gandolfo for their suggestions!

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