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How to Use iPad or iPhone AutoCorrect More Efficiently

Learn how to get more out of autocorrect with iOS’ fast features

Who has not written a message and when it was already sent has realized that the author has betrayed him again? One of the things that users complain about most when writing on an iOS device is autocorrector, which sometimes interprets what we are writing in a totally different way resulting in hilarious moments and situations.

If you are one of those users who have not yet mastered the auto-correct feature of your iDevice, you will find the following helpful, as today we will be talking about how to use this very useful feature that integrates the Apple mobile operating system much more effectively.

How to Use iPad or iPhone AutoCorrect More Efficiently
How to Use iPad or iPhone AutoCorrect More Efficiently

Thanks to this little trick, we will be able to write much more easily and avoid having to correct words that the self-corrector has changed for others that have nothing to do with what we wanted to put.

Quick functions or shortcuts, our great allies

As we have said before, it is a very simple and uncomplicated trick. We are talking about the shortcuts or quick functions . The Apple iOS operating system offers us the possibility of creating our own shortcuts to make writing much easier. Thus, we can create shortcuts for the words we use most often without the risk of the auto-correcting them again.

Using the iOS keyboard shortcuts is really easy and in addition we can use them indistinctly on several devices , because they synchronize not only when we create them but also when they are modified, only we will need to be identified with our iCloud account in the different iDevice.

Using the iOS Quick Features

This useful function allows us to create and configure keyboard abbreviations at will so that we can type more quickly and comfortably. This time, however, we’ll do it a little differently, that is instead of using an abbreviation where the auto-correct identifies a particular word and replaces it with l or we’ll enter the whole word so that it won’t be corrected in the future .

To configure it we’ll have to go to the menu Settings – General – Keyboard and click on the option Create Quick Function and once there we’ll only have to enter the term we want the auto-corrector to stop correcting, although of course we can also choose to use the system of abbreviations, that’s up to each user.

As you may have noticed, this is something very simple that can be very useful to us . Remember that not only can we take advantage of the fast functions on the iPhone, but also on the iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini and also the iPod Touch, even on our Mac, although on the latter it doesn’t make as much sense as on the other devices.

Did you know this little iOS 7 trick?

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