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How to use Google Assistant in Google Allo on your iPhone

Google Allo is now on your smartphones, ready to dominate the current messaging application landscape . Ready to battle it out with WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger for a place on our iPhone home screens.

Google has designed from scratch this application , looking to cover all our needs and one of them can be to have access to everything we want from a mere chat. This means that Google has included its artificial intelligence in the application, both in a direct conversation with it and in conversations – in pure Telegram bot style.

Access Google Assistant in Google Allo

How to use Google Assistant in Google Allo on your iPhoneHow to use Google Assistant in Google Allo on your iPhone

What we have to do now is know how to interact with Google’s artificial intelligence and what uses this interaction can have with the big G bot.

Google Allo in a single chat

The first conversation that appears when you start using Google Allo is with the Google Assistant. In this conversation you can ask the assistant for different things , like for example

  • Translate words and phrases: “Please in German”.
  • Know the weather: “What’s the weather like?”
  • General culture questions and answers.
  • Actions: “Set a timer” or similar
  • Establishments: “Where I can go eat?”
  • Even playing a game

Google Allo within conversations

To chat with the Google assistant you simply type @google before you write the message , so that the message is read by the big G’s bot. For example to translate sentences that a foreign person has just said to you in the same conversation and avoid having to search for it in the browser.

There is a catch, but it is temporary

To interact with the Google assistant in Google Allo you must do it in English as it has not been launched in other languages yet, although they assure that it will be translated to other languages – among which is Spanish.