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How to use Find My AirPods on your iPhone

Apple launched yesterday the new version of iOS 10 to the public and it comes with a lot of new features. One of the most important ones is intended for AirPod owners – Apple should pamper them somehow. Cupertino’s have increased the support of Find My iPhone to give coverage to the new AirPods .

How to use Find My AirPods on your iPhone
How to use Find My AirPods on your iPhone

As we had already anticipated this functionality would come along with iOS 10.3 , so, we could only tell you how it works. Don’t miss it!

The first thing you notice when using Find My AirPods is that is not as sophisticated as Find My iPhone . Firstly, you’ll need the AirPods to be connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth – which makes sense as they don’t have any connectivity of their own. This means that if the AirPods are far away, this functionality will not be very useful to you, although Apple will try to help you find them.

To access Find My AirPods simply log into the same Find My iPhone app and select your AirPods. There you can see your AirPods located on a map in relation to the rest of the Apple products you have. Pressing the AirPod icon on the map will display the option to play sound on the AirPods. Once you hit play, you can either mute it in one of the wireless headphones or stop the sound.

The option to mute one of the two AirPods comes in handy when you’ve only lost one of them. Despite this, the sound emitted by the AirPods is not the loudest , although it is enough to locate the lost earpiece.

It is important to remember that it will only work if the AirPods – or the lost headset – are out of the case and connected to your iPhone . If you have a forgotten AirPod elsewhere and it is not connected to your iPhone, you will be able to see the last location of the AirPod and tapping on play will leave stnad by the request.


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