How to use Facebook’s special Valentine’s Day features

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Otra de las nuevas funcionalidades que nos podremos encontrar desde hoy, e imaginamos que durante los próximos días, son los nuevos filtros y efectos para la cámara de Messenger . Estos filtros y efectos son de lo más romántico y amoroso, pudiéndolos usar no solo a la hora de realizar fotografías sino también videollamadas.

How to use Facebook’s special Valentine’s Day features
How to use Facebook’s special Valentine’s Day features

Tampoco podía faltar el contenido creado por otras marcas , que colaboran de forma habitual con Facebook. A través de diferentes boots que llenar cada vez en mayor medida Facebook Messenger podremos encontrar ideas para cenas románticas, escapadas llenas de amor o regalos que podremos comprar con un solo movimiento de ratón.

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Today is Valentine’s Day and for most applications and social networks it is a special day. Of course for Facebook it is also a special day that they wanted to offer us new features in Messenger so that people in love can enjoy this special day by sending messages to each other.

Among the new features that we find is that when our sentimental state changes these days, the person with whom that state is related will receive an alert to be able to start a conversation. As soon as they open the advantage this will be filled with floating hearts that pretend to demonstrate the beginning of a beautiful love story, or at least that’s what they think from Facebook.

In addition, the person with whom we have started a relationship, whoever he or she may be, will be at the top of the chat list from now on , and you can personalize the conversation in many different ways.

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