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How to Upload Photos to Instagram without Clipping on iPhone

From some time ago Instagram has become a social network used by millions of people around the world to share photos and short videos with other users. One of the things that characterize this social network is that the images uploaded always look square 1 to 1, but today there is the possibility to upload photos and videos to Instagram without clipping on iPhone thanks to the use of other applications like the one we bring you today.

Everyday life, sports, selfies or life from a more artistic point of view… are just some of the things that Instagram users usually show through their profiles. But how would you like to be able to show those images at full size without clipping? On the iPhone, there’s a way to do that with InstaSize , an app available on the App Store.

How to Upload Photos to Instagram without Clipping on iPhone
How to Upload Photos to Instagram without Clipping on iPhone

These kinds of third-party applications outside of Instagram don’t work miracles, but do manage to somehow “trick” Instagram into adapting photos and videos to the 1:1 square look and uploading them without clipping . Here’s how InstaSize works, an application for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) that you may find interesting if you’re an Instagram user.

How does InstaSize adjust images for Instagram?

As we said a few moments ago, InstaSize for iPhone does not work miracles, but it is very useful for those users who are looking for an alternative to be able to upload their images without having to crop them and adjust them to the square aspect of Instagram . However, it must be said that this application is only valid for photos.

So, the application does reduce the size of the images to fit the 1:1 aspect ratio of Instagram, leaving the space of the sides or the top and bottom free , depending on whether the orientation is vertical or horizontal.

This blank space can be left as is or can be used to give a personal touch before uploading the photo to Instagram . For example, you can fill it with the same faded image, use other backgrounds or use other effects included in the application.

In addition, as in Instagram, the effects and filters included in InstaSize have that vintage look so characteristic of this social network . This way, you can leave the image ready to upload to your Instagram profile, including the filter, directly from this other application.

Give your Instagram images a personal touch with InstaSize for iPhone

As we said before, InstaSize is not for resizing videos for Instagram, but it’s a great application for Instagram lovers . So, if you like to add a retro look to your Instagram images and give them a more personal touch, this app is a must for your beloved iPhone

Did you know InstaSize ? Do you use any other iPhone application that allows you to upload images to Instagram without cropping?

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