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How to upgrade our Macs to MacOS Sierra

macOS Sierra , the new operating system for Mac computers, is now available through the Mac App Store for all supported computers, as promised by Apple on September 13th during the launch of iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2.

The new version of the operating system is loaded with new features that will help us to be more productive with our computers , as well as making the computers run more securely, quickly and stably.

How to upgrade our Macs to MacOS SierraHow to upgrade our Macs to MacOS Sierra

The list of novelties included in MacOS Sierra is quite big and in these lines we want to highlight the most important ones. Among them we find the automatic unlocking if we are wearing an Apple Watch, the universal clipboard that will allow us to copy and paste between different Mac or iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), the automatic synchronization between desktop devices and the documents folder through iCloud, the incorporation of Siri, a better management of storage space supported by iCloud, more possibilities to create memories in the Photos app, etc, etc…

As we said, the list of new features is huge and here we just want to summarize the most important ones. Even so, there’s still a lot of stuff left in the inkwell, features and small changes that we’ll be discovering as we use our Macs with the new operating system installed.

The process of upgrading to MacOS Sierra is very simple. Simply download the new operating system from the Mac App Store and follow the on-screen instructions.

To start the download we must follow these steps:

The first thing we recommend is to visit this article in which we publish important information to prepare our Mac for Sierra.

Open the App Store by clicking on the Apple menu (identified by the apple icon in the upper left corner of your Mac screen).

Click on the image that identifies Sierra in the App Store, use the search engine to locate it or click on the box below this line.

Click on the button Get and then enter your Apple ID and password to confirm the download.

After this, the download will start and after a few minutes the installation will be launched automatically.

The download and update time will vary depending on multiple factors: our connection speed, the saturation of Apple’s servers, the performance of our Mac, etc, etc…

Once the installation is finished (the Mac will need to be rebooted), we can now enjoy all the new features of Sierra that are compatible with our Mac and start discovering all the little secrets that are spread throughout the operating system. As usual with Apple operating systems, the upgrade to Sierra MacOS is completely free.