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How to upgrade an iPhone or iPad to a new iOS beta without a WiFi connection

If you go on vacation during these days, you probably won’t have access to a WiFi network. And if you do, you know that they are not highly recommended because of their little or no security. Besides, WiFi networks provided by hotels and public spaces are slow . This is a problem when you are enrolled in the iOS betas program, as upgrades to new versions require a network connection. Now we’ll see how we can get around this restriction with a simple trick.

When you may need a WiFi connection

Last year I faced the same problem again when testing the public iOS 10 beta. In the past, I had ended up using unsecured networks of bars , restaurants and hotels to upgrade my device. This can be quite boring due to the slow public connections.

How to upgrade an iPhone or iPad to a new iOS beta without a WiFi connection
How to upgrade an iPhone or iPad to a new iOS beta without a WiFi connection

Upgrading to a new iOS beta version immediately is not mandatory . You can wait a few days and even the next one will come out without any problems. But if you suffer from some of the drawbacks of a beta, such as a shorter range, you may be looking forward to an upgrade.

If you were worried about upgrading your devices to new versions of the iOS beta when you are away from a WiFi network, here is the solution

If you want to upgrade at all costs and quickly, you can use this trick for which you will need another iPhone or device capable of sharing the internet. But not only will you be able to upgrade a device to the new iOS 11 beta version, you can also use it for normal system upgrades , download updates for apps and apps that are too big, and even back up and backup photos to iOS.

For all intents and purposes, when you connect to a network created on an iPhone or iPad with Internet sharing, it acts as if you were on an ordinary WiFi network. Here, the limit will be set by your data rate.

Updates requiring WiFi? No problem

In the case of internet sharing from an iPhone or iPad, make sure you can do so by first looking at your device settings. You should see an “Internet Sharing” menu. In the event that this option does not appear and it is a compatible device, you may not have your internet access point configured.

Go to Settings> Mobile Data> Options> Mobile Data Network and at the end you should have this section configured as shown in the picture above. You will need the appropriate address from your operator to enable the sharing function. In the case of Pepephone, it is the one shown in the image, but if you can’t find yours it is better to talk to them so that they can provide you with one.

Not all operators or rates allow free internet sharing, make sure you have it built in before and it’s free to avoid scares

With the access point enabled, you can now share the internet. Create the network and connect the device you want to upgrade to it. Now, just go to Settings> General> Software Update and wait for the download to complete. With this you can update your iPhone or iPad anywhere, as long as you have another one handy from which to share the internet.

Estos son los cambios y las novedades más importantes de la beta 5 de iOS 11.

It’s not a perfect trick, since you need another device handy and reliable (if you’re worried about security) in order to upgrade to the new iOS 11 beta. But it’s going to be the best way to keep you up to date.

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