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How to Unlock Your Apple ID

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If you have received the message “Your Apple ID has been blocked” on your computer, iPhone or iPad and your legs have started to shake while your brain remembers everything you have experienced with it, don’t worry, there is an easy solution .

How to Unlock Your Apple ID
How to Unlock Your Apple ID

While the images you saved in iCloud or the achievements you made with your favorite game are passing through your head, you can follow these simple steps to take possession of them again .

Don’t lose your iTunes investment by having your Apple ID blocked

They often block your Apple ID when you enter – or enter – your password incorrectly or answer – or answer – security questions wrongly several times in a row.

This lock prevents you from accessing the services you have with your Apple account until you verify it.

How to unlock your account

Apple has a specific page for this purpose , iForgot, from where you can unlock your account. Don’t forget, if you have two-step verification enabled the mechanism gets complicated, it’s time to use the code Apple gave you so you don’t lose it.

If you have the two-step verification you need two of these elements:

  • Your Apple ID password
  • One of your devices rated as reliable
  • The Recovery Key

If two of these items fail you you will have no way to recover your account by this method. So your only option will be to contact Apple to try to recover your account – which we can’t guarantee.

If you do not have the two-step verification

Simply follow the steps as indicated on the Apple website.

Two-factor authentication

This is the new system introduced by Apple in iOS 9 and OS X The Captain system that improves verification in two steps, even though the names are not the same. This system makes it possible for you to avoid the key – which you would probably lose – and would make it possible for Apple to retrieve your account whenever you request it.

The problem is that this new system is not available worldwide , but if you are one of the lucky ones who has it you can use it, otherwise iForgot is the solution.

While we are waiting for the two-factor authentication to reach everyone we will have to settle for the recovery key – which is so badly needed.

Has this information been useful to you, or has a friend played a funny game and accidentally blocked your iPhone? Tell us in the comments!