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How to unlock and play with Luigi, Yoshi or Toad in Super Mario Run

When we started playing Super Mario Run , we could only do it with Mario, but as we progressed through the game, it was possible to choose other characters to enjoy each level of the game in a slightly different way.

In particular, it is possible to play with six different characters (including Mario) and in the following lines we will explain how to unlock each of them and choose them to play with.

Unlocking Toad in Super Mario Run

How to unlock and play with Luigi, Yoshi or Toad in Super Mario Run
How to unlock and play with Luigi, Yoshi or Toad in Super Mario Run

Toad is the easiest character to unlock, as all we have to do is link the game to our Nintendo account. We can use a previously existing account or create one from within the game, so there’s no excuse for not having Toad.

To do this we must play over My Nintendo and follow the steps to create or connect to our account in the game. Once we’ve done this, we should go back to My Nintendo and in the tab of Rewards we’ll see Toad appear. We play over it and then in redeem .

Finally we return to the Kingdom and we will see Toad appear in the gift box .

How to unlock Luigi

Luigi , Mario’s brother, also accompanies him in Super Mario Run and in order to play with him it will be necessary to build him a house in the Kingdom .

To do this, tap on the My Kingdom button at the bottom right and then access the Toad Shop . Once inside the shop, tap on the icon with the star and choose Luigi’s house from the options available.

To be able to build the house we will need 150 green Toads and as many purple ones that we will have to get at the races.

How to get Yoshi

The steps to get Yoshi are the same as for Luigi, although the amount of Toads needed is different. Here we need 30 red ones and another 30 yellow ones.

How to get Toadette

As with Luigi and Yoshi, to get Toadette we need to build her a house and she will come. In this case we need many coloured Toads, namely: 200 of each (red, blue, green, purple and yellow).

How to get Princess Peach

The last character we can get is the Princess Peach . In this case it will not be necessary to build her a house, but the challenge will be much more difficult. In particular, we have to get through all the levels of the game and rescue her from Bowser’s clutches.

Choosing Which Character to Play with in Super Mario Run

Once we have the characters unlocked, we can start playing the different levels with them. To choose the character we must access the worlds and touch the level we want to play in. Then the green Start button will be displayed and right next to it there will be a box that allows us to change characters.

When you tap on that box, a new screen will open allowing you to choose which character you want to play with.

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